More Data: I Always Have Wondered What People are Clicking on My Parked Pages

Jun 16 2015

Maybe its just because I’m a stats and info guy.   I’ve always received clicks and money stats on my parked names but that’s pretty much all I’ve ever been given. I’m not sure what information is allowed and not allowed but I know I’m not getting it.

I’m sure there are a lot of people that have names similar to mine in that they are brandable or generic words that get traffic and clicks, but I’m not sure what the people are actually looking for when they come to the page.  My parking company knows. To gather that data I’ve been forced to set up my own pages and gather the data but I would like to make the $1 a day and get the data without having to set up a page for each domain.  The parking companies see what is being clicked and what ads perform better than others.  It would be great to see that same information. They use it to improve click throughs but I would love to have it to improve my sales. It would benefit me in many ways.

1. I would have a better understanding of what others think my domain represents.  I bought the name Sunsinger because it is the name of a place in my favorite park.  It gets lots of traffic.  Using Google it could be because there is a wine store with the name, or a WOW clan, or a TV show in India.  It gets clicks and traffic but I have no idea which one is getting the clicks.

2. It would lead me in a more defined direction to potential end users.  I don’t reach out very often but with better data I would be more inclined to approach an end user that I feel confident would benefit based on that data

3.  I would have a stat driven direction for a buildout.    Sometimes we think we know what a domain should be used for but clicks and data would certainly help confirm or direct my choices.

4.  I could pass the info to a new seller.  Any extra info you can give a buyer helps a sale. Parking money isn’t what it was but I feel the data is still valuable.

I don’t use a wide range of parking companies so maybe one of them give all the data.  I’m also not privy to the rules of Google or Yahoo but they certainly could give out keywords and number of clicks without giving out actual advertisers.  In my opinion, if DomainNameSales starts giving this out they would gain more customers.

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    1. Paul

      Would you simply make a quiz like this:
      ‘Please select: 1 – wine store 2 – WOW clan 3 – TV show in India’
      Or have you developed something more sophisticated?

  1. Aron offers click analysis. I’ve used it to see where the visitors are coming from and what
    they are clicking on with

    Just FYI 😀

    1. temphi

      Whereas government power is accountable, it has now been replaced by corporate power which is not.

      1. Michael Castello

        I don’t believe government power is currently accountable, especially when it is engaged whole-heartily with corporate monopolies. I seems like they are giving cover to each other. The middle class and our entrepreneurial spirit is suffering. You could read the article and change out the word “government” with any of our top internet companies. It reads the same for me.

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