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Amazon Going After Domain Owners With The Word “Kindle” In Them

kindle_domains_takenMuch like Apple, Amazon has decided that they and only they,  will own any domains with the word Kindle in it.  Many sites like this one have received C and D letters for their domains  over the last few weeks AND have been given notice they want the Twitter accounts deleted as well.  While I haven’t seen any lawsuits as of yet, it does seem that Amazon is serious about protecting the name.   There are a ton of domains out there that will be affected but none other that this guy.  He registered hundreds of Kindle domains back in 2007 and thinks that the Domain by Proxy thing will save him.  I think it will be just another portfolio that will be turned over to the rightful owner.

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3 Replies to “Amazon Going After Domain Owners With The Word “Kindle” In Them”

  1. Man! That is one crappy list of Kindle domains. What a waste of cash in the first place. I almost hand regged a couple of years ago when it was available but decided against it. I am glad that I never got into TM domains. There are a million ways to make a buck, you might as well do something honest and fun.


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