Of the Names Dropping Today, Here Are Some That Are Flippable (yes that’s a word)

Mar 26 2010

Decided to go with Epik and develop one of the names I picked up on a drop auction.  I’ll fill you in later on how it works out.  If it goes well I’ll be sending over a lot of my names to them. They seem to be doing a good job with other people’s names.  If you have any positives or negatives about them, drop me a line via email, please don’t bash or shill for  them in the comments. Now on to the names.

VoipAdaptor.com I know I had to buy one of these so I imagine others are looking for it.  Actually a misspelling but still 1600 searches ($3.54 CPC )  are and it valuates at $6100 (Thanks Brandon for pointing out the misspelling)

MakeMeABaby.com An old site that still delivers 3300 hits a month.  It’s already at $165 but great name for childbirth type site

SportsConnection.com A nice group of end users to sell this to if you don’t mind doing a little leg work

NoPunctuation.com A great name for a blog or book.  No bidders so this could go cheap

WifiChip.com Replacing cards,  this is the future. All tlds taken

Need help finding more names? Try  DomainStryker.com

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