Somebody is Selling A Large Amount of CVCV.coms on Sedo This Week

CVCV_DomainsIf you take a look at Sedo this week you’ll notice an unusually large amount of 4L.coms up for sale.  Spread out over the next 5 days are 15 decent CVCV dot coms that all seem to be owned by Amosely Corporation, a HUGE domain portfolio name owner.  I’m not sure if they still own the domain but they used to own  The sales will be a mere drop in the bucket for these guys but it to me it sends a message.  They feel this is a good market to sell some average CVCVs. I say average because other than Fowo and Gazo I am not a huge fan.   Almost every one of them you’ll have to spell out to someone.  If you have to ask how it’s spelled then it’s not a top name……..of course I wish I had them all.  Here’s a complete list of the names.

Domain of the Day: