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An Interesting Look Into What Was Registered Yesterday

I get a kick out of of looking at domains that are registered each day.   I use (not my site) to peruse domains that are registered each day (may be a few days off) to see if there may be a new product, movie, or something unusual that was recently registered.  Of course there are hundreds of thousands of domains registered each day so it is impossible to look at them all but here are a few that I thought were interesting or just made me laugh.

I can’t wait to find out how to escape the party that quickly

Interesting that Gamefly took so long to register the domains of their company

Biomed really wanted to cover all angles and tlds

I can only imagine what is going to go on this domain

I really liked this register.  Great play on words

Really, I’d give him ten bucks if the registrar could type it out correctly twice in a row from memory

Wondering …1000 what in 30 days?

I could spend hours looking through all the new registers but in all the fun and games there is actually some good data to make money but I’ll keep that to myself

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  1. Just an FYI but
    the domain you posted above
    is binary code and it’s translation is:


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