There’s Been a Noticeable Lack of Changing Hands

Oct 22 2009

One of my favorite type of domain names are CVCV.coms and CVCCV.coms.   The last three years I was acquiring as many of these as I could afford but then the rest of the world fell in love with LLLL.coms and prices skyrocketed.  I didn’t sell any of my acquisitions thinking that these were the gems of the non generic domain world. I regret not selling for cash flow reasons but I’m still confident these are long term big winners.   The recent price decreases have brought down the prices to the range I am back to buying but something else has changed.  Availability. There has been a noticeable decrease in quality CVCV.coms up for sale.  Here is a summary of CVCVs that have sold in the last three months according to  And of course I realize there are most likely many more that changed hands privately and not picked up by LLLLsales. $126.00 10/12/2009 TDNAM $1,209.00 9/29/2009 NameJet $116.00 9/24/2009 TDNAM $1,827.00 9/16/2009 Sedo $610.00 9/16/2009 Sedo $363.00 9/16/2009 Sedo $1,938.00 9/16/2009 Sedo $202.00 9/2/2009 NameJet $460.00 9/2/2009 Sedo $156.00 9/2/2009 Sedo $854.00 8/29/2009 Sedo $510.00 8/27/2009 Sedo $898.00 8/27/2009 NameJet $1,390.00 8/26/2009 Sedo $80.00 8/26/2009 Sedo $1,660.00 8/24/2009 Sedo $36.00 8/23/2009 TDNAM $2,000.00 8/20/2009 Afternic $600.00 8/20/2009 Sedo $95.00 8/15/2009 TDNAM $2,601.00 8/13/2009 Sedo $85.00 8/9/2009 TDNAM $4,909.00 8/8/2009 Sedo $1,450.00 8/6/2009 Sedo $93.00 8/6/2009 Sedo

Notice only one sale in October and very few in the last three months.  I think many other people are following my strategy.  Sell if you receive a great offer, hold them tight to your chest otherwise.  Putting them up on Sedo right now is like rolling the dice.  Sometimes things reach nice prices but overall it is very rangy.  I only put them up on Sedo when I need cash flow and even those are names I bought several years ago cheap so I am guaranteed a nice return regardless.  But if you follow the supply demand thing, it actually may be a good time to sell some CVCVs after all these .de stop flooding Sedo.  Thoughts?

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