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An Open Letter to Adam Dicker: Get Rid of the Blue Shirt Guy On All Your Sites

I am only speaking for myself but I may be speaking for a lot of people…..Adam Dicker, you need to get rid of that video of the guy in the blue shirt from all your sites.  He is annoying and I’m pretty sure that Internet users absolutely do not pay attention to those types of videos.  On the contrary, a new user will automatically associate spam or marketing if that’s the first thing they see when you visit your site.

I stopped visiting DnfBlog because of it and for the first time I just saw it on DnForum.  I wasn’t logged in and all of of a sudden Mr. Blue Guy comes up and I shriek…”What the Hell is that guy doing over here and how did he escape the blog?”  There is absolutely no value to that thing in my opinion and a few others agree.  Look at the comments from a recent article by Morgan Linton.

“I stopped visiting because of that annoying “popup” guy”  -Alan

“Agreed, the popup was extremely annoying and made DNFBlog just a big promotion for DNForum”  -KD

“Agreed. Puranjay writes a nice article…(and the little guy in the corner was annoying”  -Bobby

“I agree with Alan–VERY annoying popup, representing everything that annoys me about the internet. It felt spammy. Why do advertisers think that users LOVE those ridiculous popups, pop-unders, slide-acrossers, etc.? I, too, stopped visiting when that “man” started yapping through my speakers. Perhaps that’s why DNFblog started losing traffic”  -MsDomainer

“Agreed about the flash pop-up, there are plug ins to disable it”  -Acro

“Some great articles and commentary but the pop-up has got to go…”  -Ian

“Wow, this pop-up guy really is getting a lot of feedback! Looks like nobody was a big fan of him but it does seem that like me, many people did like the articles!”  -Morgan Linton

“After the pop up guy started appearing i stopped visiting the site”  -John

And there were more but Adam should get the point.  There is no doubt he knows what he’s doing.  He has built a great forum.  But I can guarantee the Blue Guy has sent away more people that he has attracted or informed.  Shake the blue shirt guy’s hand, wish him well, and send him on his way.  New users will easily find out what your site is all about as long as it has fresh and unique content.  The forum has it, the blog…….well, it was on its way but now needs to be restored.  Start with a sound free site.

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32 Replies to “An Open Letter to Adam Dicker: Get Rid of the Blue Shirt Guy On All Your Sites”

  1. I wonder if it could be put on a 24hr or 48hr IP tracker, so it only shows up once in a given period of time? I don’t really mind it, the only thing is when I click to visit the site, and go to another browser window I have open, the voice comes up loud because I forgot about it and I have to go back and turn him off.

    For first-time visitors, it’s probably a good intro to what the forum is about.

    A better option would be the ability to select multiple characters to pop up, one of which would include someone like Candice Michelle from Godaddy. That would be more pleasant!

  2. Seriously the WORST thing ever and it has absolutely made me stop bothering with visiting the site.

  3. Gotta agree. I visit much, much less because I know I have to click at least once to get rid of that dude.

  4. That’s pretty funny. I have to admit, I watched much of the speech from “the blue guy” on DNForum becuase I had never seen anything like it. I think it’s interesting but everytime I go to that forum I’m watching in fear to see if he will pop up again. Since I watched him once he hasn’t poped up again though.

  5. It seems the tribe has voted, i enjoy the blog but hate the blue dude , is TheBlueDude registerd > LOL

  6. And while we’re at it, get rid of Adam Dicker’s photo at the top. We don’t need to see that. Really tacky!

  7. Please get rid of it…it’s annoying in my opinion. And the dnf site needs a 50% reduction in content!…mostly OLD content.
    Again my opinion.

  8. Agreed! Stopped logging into dnforum – now use namepros exclusively.

    What would motivate you to make something so annoying? Really?

  9. I agree! Pull it. It does nothing for your site. It actually hurts it and I won’t visit the site anymore because of it.

  10. As Rick says, the porn industry was years ahead of anyone else in the domain game. What I’m saying is: SEX SELLS. Look at Bob Parsons, he did OK.

    Surely if it was a hot girl in a bikini nobody, ok mostly no one, would be complaining.

  11. Shane, Amen to that!
    It’s very irritating. Adam is a smart guy, I’m sure he’ll remove it soon but the sooner the better.
    hmm now I for one could definitely live with say Kim Bassinger in a bikini doing this presentation (I’m in my mid forties lol) but I would even prefer David Hasselhoff in a g string to Mr Blue.T.shirt.

    Edited to keep the ridiculous original first sentence from seeing the light of day.

    1. Warren,

      It WAS a slow day in the industry bit I don’t report the industry anyway. I also had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and biked 50 miles today.

  12. Hey Shane & everyone……i’ve got a family to feed!! why all the hate? gimme a break dammit!!

  13. @BlueShirtGuy

    We don’t hate you pal we just wish you’d take up magic as a hobby and disappear! You could always get bar work, emptying bars at closing time with one of your presentations.

  14. Agreed. I went there at about 2am with the volume cranked up. Totally woke up my wife and kids. Volume was never a concern for domain news sites before!

    Utter lack of consideration and i have refused to go back since. Jerk.

  15. THANKS for saying what EVERYONE feels Shane.
    it is so friggin annoying
    it will put off new people as looks so cheesy and annoying, and existing members visit LESS
    really stupid idea in the first place.
    Adam is a great bloke though, wanted to make that clear. just being honest about blue shirt guy. lol

  16. I couldn’t resist,this guy is going to catch on lol. I just reged He will be the figurehead for a how not to piss off your customers and lose traffic.
    Think I’ll make a site about bad marketing practices, that tells you how to not lose customers through irritating marketing but how to do the opposite. Guess who I’m going to invite to do the video?

    You got it the “Blue Shirt Guy”

    A waste of reg fee most likely but I couldn’t resist.

    @stardom, yeh Adam is a good bloke, think he’ll drop BSG soon and laugh about it all in no time. Hell we all make mistakes, me definitely included.

  17. Use to be an Adam Dicker fan, some of his last antics on his site, including sending a spammy email to DNFORUM Exclusive members have shown some arrogance, not cool…

  18. It’s supposed to be cookied and not show up once you visit and see it once, I ll get that fixed tomorrow. Thanks for pointing it out.

  19. @adam
    No offence intended…you’re a succesful guy and a well liked and respected one too. We all get it wrong here and there. Seems BSG doesn’t come on on auto pilot anymore which is a BIG step forward.

    Anyway who is the blue shirt guy? In real life that is

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