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Sunday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-20-12

I wish it would frickin rain.  Internet people could care less if it ever rains but a guy with millions of plants cares.  I find my self hoping for sunny days and rainy nights but I’ll take rainy anything right now.  My sun is a leathery brown and my plants are sending me suicide notes.  Yes I have irrigation but as all you single men can attest, there’s nothing like the real thing.  Now on to the names.

hockeyby.orgI can’t understand why this is selling for so much. It’s like that line in front of a store. You have no idea why they are standing in line but you get in line anyway.

Aquatics.netI sell a lot of aquatics but I just have trouble building a store on a dot net and its too broad of a term to do a catalog type site. Still a great name and the price is fair

LazyGames.comI own a lot of “lazy” names but I have no idea why. Anything with games or cloud in the name seem to sell well  Not my favorite of the week but has age (14 years) and the double I’s are pretty and you know pretty makes things more valuable   Only 4 bidders on the 1996 domain  I don’t know if this has any value but I like the name and it IS 11 years old.  2 Bidders  Great name but bring your change jar.  It ain’t going to be cheap   I’ll be all over this one.  Me likey numbers  50 bidders think this is a great name  Could easily be branded and has age and no bidders  Best name on Snap in the last month.  Or at least one of the best  Could have some fun with this one

Thanks again to for sponsoring this section and if you’d like to have a name listed in the daily list then please feel free to contact me.  The “Domain Shane Effect” has proven to dramatically increase eyeballs and prices of your closing auction

Domain Spotlight:

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