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And The Award for the Worst Press Release for a Website Goes Too…………  (No link because they don’t deserve it for the release)   Because I have an infinite amount of time to go through press releases I usually can find some good news and information among the worthless babble issued by various companies.  I think I stumbled across the worst written, worst website, and worst reason to have a press release I’ve seen to date.  I actually visit ebaumnation, a spinoff of Ebaumsworld, and it can be a funny website that occassionally has enough content worthy of coming back to.  Like the original ebaum, most of the content is stolen from other sites, but they still have stuff I’ve never seen and I don’t have to surf looking for it.  Then they finally get one original video and they feel it necessary to issue a press release.  I figure I’ll bite, I’ll go to the site and take a look at ‘Lebron Getting Dunked On’.  Either I’ve gotten old or seen too many good dunks but it certainly wasn’t worthy of a press release.  To make it worse they issued it twice yesterday.  Here is the brilliant press release

LeBron James Dunked on by Jordan Crawford

eBaumNation has Obtained Exclusive Video

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 22 /PRNewswire/ — Entertainment website,, has obtained exclusive video of LeBron James being dunked on by Xavier player Jordan Crawford.

The video is shot in high definition with high quality audio from behind the basket which the incident took place.

The video can be seen on the frontpage of

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