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My ErinAndrewsPeepholeVideo Experiment

erinandrewspeepholevideoThere aren’t many dot com domain names left in the world with any relevance that can still be hand registered. The only opportunity left is certain major events that draw attention.  I am usually not that fast of a mover, nor am I a good SEO person to capture the traffic in a quick manner.  It’s something I need to practice.  One, how do get a name that is a strong name that people may type in.  Two, how do I monetize it even if I do get it?  I was reading Sunday night about Erin Andrews and a video that may be out so I registered for $8 and figured it was worth a quick try.  I quickly made a blogger site (I actually took an old Gavin Degraw site I was playing with) and did some quick poorly written keyword articles. Spent 5 minutes on a header and done.  A 30 minute site.  If you rated it as a site you would give me an F.

So far it has made $2 a day for the last 3 days and gets about 700-1000 type-ins.  I stuck a link on yahoo answers and a quick one on reddit and that’s what I’ve done.   I am certainly not going to host the video and was even skeptical about putting a link to the video but I figured I might as well as they were going to find it anyway.  I am only using adsense right now to monetize the site and will be posting new articles with information about the video.  There is an obvious legal battle as the pervert who took the video obviously violated her rights.

Putting up the site wasn’t about the money.  I’m sure there are a lot of other people like me that treat traffic like a game.  I love trying to build a site and see how much traffic I can get.  I look hourly at the traffic report.  Who are they, where are they from, and how did they get here?  Of course I like to make some money but the more I learn the more information I can put towards my real money making sites.  I am always trying different things to get traffic. I realize the best way to get traffic is good content but everyone can use a little bump. The Erin Andrews site was a new challenge

Could I capture some of the crazy traffic the video search is driving?  Could I monetize it?  Tomorrow the site will be profitable.  I’m surely not going to make much money but I figure the site has a few weeks left in it and a few dollars a day is a few dollars I didn’t have yesterday. But even more valuable is what I am learning.  How to capture traffic for hot search events. I also learned that girls walk around their hotel rooms completely nude for a half hour and even while they do their hair.

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