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And The Award for Worst Website for a Congressional Candidate Goes To…………………

George Hutchins. If you loved Geocities then I apologize, you will absolutely love this.   It’s been about 10 years since I’ve seen such an amazing variety of fonts, colors, and flaming stat counters all on one page.  The scariest part of the entire website is this guy is really running for US Congress, yes THE US Congress.  With such comments as “Teddy Rossevelt is bad ass!” – Vote Hutchins! and his three priorities as a Congressman,

  1. Keeping all actions Legal by Law.
  2. Restoring the U.S. Economy.
  3. Defend American.

george_hutchins_congress_worst_websitewhat he lacks in website design, he more than makes up for in quotable quotes. No doubt all of us feel defending American is very important.  Amazingly, in such a short period of time, Mr. Hutchins website has moved into the Top 10 of “don’ts” in the buildout category.  If you can stand the instant headache I would suggest you visit this amazing piece of Internet history.  They say a website says a lot about your personality so I am guessing that Hutchins is 9 foot 6, loud, and blue and green.  Check quickly, as the website will be down soon,  as we all know men with mustaches are no longer electable in the US.

Domain Spotlight:

4 Replies to “And The Award for Worst Website for a Congressional Candidate Goes To…………………”

  1. Lol. Amazing Site i must.

    Just check the Meta tags in his website.

    Its seriously has this words – “gay right, gay marriage, fags, faggots,

    is he trying to attract the gay rights people or anti-gay people. Wondering ….



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