A Few Very Nice Domains Dropping Today

Feb 17 2010

One of the better days for domains dropping. Way too many to list.  Plenty of money to be made today.

HotelManager.net 8K searches and a great name for a hotel finder.  Certainly worth the $17 it’s at now

CoinToss.net I give it an A for rememberable and easy to spell. B for being “what the hell do you do with the name”   Most likely worth more than the $0 bid right now

vKeys.com Virtual keys?   I hate to stretch but I do like this name.  Very brandable and with no bidders you won’t pay too much for it

PrisonRape.com Ouch!  It’s not wrong, it’s just different, Ok it’s wrong

HardwareStores.net I’m drawing a blank on what to do with this one.  $3200 Estibot and 1 bid.  Should be able to get this one cheap

There were a ton more good names today.  Go to DomainStryker.com if you want to find more

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