Announcing the 1st Annual DomainShane Bowl

Sep 10 2011

Howdy Folks. Seems to be a little confusion with some not realizing who’s writing what on the site these days (this is Chris btw). Don’t worry, there are ideas in motion and soon the site should take on a little bit of a new look and we’ll have a better way to identify who’s writing what right off the bat. My personal vote is for profile characitures because I’ve always wanted to see my big ol’ beard in cartoon form.

Shane’s busy with cramps and vomit this weekend as he’s participating in a itsy bitsy teenie weenie race called the IRONMAN, so Tuck and I have the house to ourselves and you’re all invited to the kegger tonight. Stick around all weekend for football because I am happy to announce the 1st Annual DomainShane Bowl!

Alright yes maybe the name needs a little bit of work and I’ll leave that open to suggestions, but we’re going to do a little somethin’ this season combining football picks and domain auction predictions. Mix in gambling, excessive drinking, and a trip to Christie’s Cabaret and I call that a pretty normal Saturday. Should be a lot of fun and you’ll all be able to participate after we show you how it works in week 1.

Here’s are the rules…

1. We’ll post domain auctions and games for picks on Thursday or Fridays

2. Domains auctions will expire sometime on Sunday or Monday. The domains at auction will be accompanied with a prediction of their final ending price. Domain picks will simply be OVER/UNDER meaning we will guess whether ending price of the auction will end OVER or UNDER the predicted total.

3. Games will be Sunday and Monday games and will be accompanied with point spreads. We will need to predict winner ATS (against the spread).

4. In case of a tie we will predict the amount of TOTAL POINTS that will be scored in the Monday Night Game.

5. When all games and auctions have concluded we will add up the total amount of correct picks for each player and the one with the most is the week’s winner. If we get enough people playing, who knows we might even have prizes and such.

Alright, enough with the rules lets get on to week 1’s picks.

Games (ATS)

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1) at Baltimore Ravens (-1)
Dallas Cowboys (+5 1/2) at New York Jets (-5 1/2) (Sunday Night Game)
New England Patroits (-7) at Miami Dolphins (+7) (Monday Night Game)

Domains (O/U)                                   $575                       $1150                            $350                               $ 5700

Our Picks


Ravens, Cowboys, Pats – under, – over, – under, – over

Tie breaker: 45 pts


Steelers, Jets, Pats – under, – over, – over, – under

Tie Breaker- 52 pts


Steelers, Cowboys, Pats – over, – under, – under, – under

Tie breaker- 42 pts

Like I said, reader participation will begin week 2 once we work out the kinks of week 1.

As far as smack talk goes, I don’t have much, only that I’m sure Shane and Tuck’s locker rooms are full of cats, but mine is full of DAWGS.


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