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Saturday’s Daily Drop and Auction Picks 9/10

Good Morning to all NOT gearing up for an IRONMAN.  For those of you that are, step away from the computer and eat some carbs – you’ll need them tomorrow morning.  This morning’s recommendations come straight from the South, and though I can’t attest for the weather throughout the rest of the nation, it can’t get much better here in NOLA.  Cup of coffee takes the coaster place of my vino from last night.  Same tune different day.  I like the names today, not the least of which are a couple of single word Dn’s that are catchy. Many are names dropping on Snapnames, so you’ll have to move quickly to get in the auction (unless you’re the sole bidder).  I’m more of a fan of the .com’s so my first Daily Drop will stick to these. -Yes, this is a word.  I had to read it a couple of times, and then check Google. It doesn’t get a ton of searches, but it’s a single word Dn that might be used for a template. -Speaking from the perspective of someone who can attest to tuition going up, and assistance going down, there’s some merit in a name like this. – It’s tailgating season and I have BBQ on the brain. – also know as AFS, HVAC, AC, or Air Conditioning.  Perhaps a “System” implies it may be commercial. Not a bid…yet. – Once pushed penny stocks, and most of those buyers DID become millionaires.  Today, I peddle domains hopefully with the same result. – Why does this name remind me of the stuff my Kindergarten nephew brings home from school – likely the new Pablo Picasso…or an art-only -can’t argue with single word like this one.  Several other bidders agree. -aka CPA.  Most people may be looking for credit analysts, but this seems like a natural alternative. – easy way to develop this. -Would rather see “Mc-” but what domainer wouldn’t like to say they own “Hot Lovin”? – HVAC is big business and constantly needing more motors.  Don’t see many bidders on this one, might be able to get cheap. -Star of the show.  Makes me think of my grandmother just typing.  Expect this GD drop to get some serious action.

Domain Spotlight:

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