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Anyone Else Think Godaddy Looked Like a Bunch of Perverts?

I get it,  sex sells.  I love a pretty girl as much as the next guy and if anyone that has ever hung out with me knows,  I appreciate the female form.  But there are limits.  Godaddy has crossed them.  Godaddy is by far the most popular registrar in the world and also one of my favorite but everything their company was built on was thrown out the window when they make these type of commercials. They are uncreative and boring.  Built for the last 5 years on “Here’s a hot girl, go to our website to see more of her”  Nothing about domaining, nothing about platform, nothing slightly funny, amusing, or informative.

I have a wandering eye and would consider myself very liberal when it comes to using hot girls to sell but I was embarrassed.  Godaddy represented domainers everywhere with that junk they threw up there.  The net is full of creativity and fun and Godaddy went with a bad interpretation of an Italian car commercial. Doritos did it best.  They went to the web and said.  “Our commercials suck, please submit your commercials and we’ll make the top 5 into real commercials”  They turned out some of the best spots at the Superbowl.

There isn’t a domainer in the world that comes to their site for the pretty girls. Hell, Danica Patrick isn’t even that pretty and if I were her I would try everything she can to get out of her contract.  It is ruining her image just like Godaddy is ruining theirs. Fortunately their platform is top notch.  It’s a shame Bob Parsons is such a pervert.

PS If they wanted to have sex sell, they should have gone a funny sexy like this.  Funny to guys,  nice to look at for girls and subliminally makes us want to buy their product.

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9 Replies to “Anyone Else Think Godaddy Looked Like a Bunch of Perverts?”

  1. Yup, go to our site for more of this hot girl trick can only go so far.

    Only reason I see they are still going with this approach is because most of US is still kinda catching up with what a domain really means. So if you talked about that during super bowl, maybe that will scare them away or not generate that much interest.

    Because we deal with domains all the time, its interesting when you meet some one with so many questions about domains. But there are still tons of ’em out there who need to be educated.

  2. Sex doesn’t just sell, it creates controversy thus people like you blog about it, and people like me comment about it.. and GD, well they are just getting the free PR and column inches.

    1. I agree but what if you could get the same free PR from people saying what a great commercial they made. All publicity is good but good publicity is better.

  3. @Shane

    .. because it’s easier to be controversial, you simply do the opposite to what everyone else is doing and add shock tactics; compare this to doing the same as everyone else, then you have to do it very very well to be heard above all the noise

  4. Yea, Godaddy is further tarnishing the already tarnished image of the domain industry.
    No doubt Parsons is calling the shots on these.
    Speaking of being more professional, I think your new site design is much more so.
    Did you even mention it in any of your posts? Although I kind of miss that goofy paper figure.
    For a long time I confused you with teen domainer.

  5. And in no way is it FREE PR. They spent Millions making commercials that create such controversies .. not many companies can do that.

  6. *

    Sad, but true.

    However, this industry has dragged itself down into the muck.

    Every time some idiot brags about wild parties and purple painted girls barely out of their teens, this industry is already wallowing deeper into a pig sty.

    No sympathy here. GoDaddy is just giving you what it thinks you want: smut designed for 8th grade circle jerks.


  7. Can’t we all just get along. GoDaddy is just trying to live up to the horny gran dad in the logo. 🙂 What do we expect? GoDaddy doesn’t care, Bob is an old guy with an appetite for women. His problem is derived from the fact that he thinks he knows how to market to people. Besides the nice platform and abundant amount of coupon codes, I really find no other reason to use the site.

    Viagra anyone?

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