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Feb 09 2010

I was reading through Sarah Palin’s emails because ……..well…because I could,  and came across one of her co-workers emailing her about a domain.  I feel it’s a bit of an invasion of privacy as I wouldn’t want anyone reading through my emails but my curiosity just overcame me on off I went. Naturally I looked for domain related emails. They were talking about a domain, Clearly Arctic.  They inquired who owned it sent the following email back to Palin.

From: frank bailey [[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 12:31 PM
To: Sarah Palin; Todd Palin; Perry; Kristina Y (GOV)
Subject: Clearly Arctic – Initial Info
Signs point to Mat Maid as owner of the Clearly Arctic name so far, showing that it started the
website domain The Creamery Corporation registered the “Clearly
Arctic” Federal Trademark. (Backup on both are below).
Todd, you requested info on Terry Clark and so far there is very little. I’ve checked the
Corporations, Business License databases, and I’ll check worker’s comp with DOL and Corporate
Net Income payments to DOR. Terry Clark (unless he holds an Indiana address and part-owns
Capitol Construction out of Juneau) doesn’t show as a partner or business owner of a current
UnderEagleRiver Roofing, business license # 900313, I don’t show Clark’s name on the record, but
rather Steven Benson(Chugiak, AK), and Tanner Benson(Cooper Landing, AK) onthe record.
contacts for website: [email protected]
Matanuska Maid Dairy
814 West Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage, AK 99503
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Bowers, Linda
X Whois Privacyand Spam Prevention by
C L Leasing, Inc.
5101 E 22nd
907-337-4884 fax: 907-333-7445
Federal TrademarkRecord on Clearly Arctic:
Goods and IC 032. US 045046 048. G & S: Bottled drinking water, bottled carbonated
Services water, bottled flavored water, carbonated water, and non-alcoholicflavored
and carbonated fruit drinks. FIRST USE: 19991015. FIRST USE IN
COMMERCE: 19991123
Mark Drawing
Design Search

Noticed they used Domain Tools.   I see a great new banner coming “The Preferred Whois of Sara Palin and Her Staff”.

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