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Anyone Know How These Things Work?

I’m traveling here in Oregon and came across this device. I think it’s either a cell phone recharging station or a deluxe porta potty with a phone. I had no idea this state was so technologically advanced.

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6 Replies to “Anyone Know How These Things Work?”

  1. I saw one of these in a movie recently and I’m pretty sure since you found it in OREGON that an Auburn alum installed it… think it is a CAM NEWTON changing station in case they pass through on the way to Arizona

  2. It is a government communications device. You place the correct combination of round metals with symbols inscribe on them into a hole and you can speak to other free masons. Rebels, especially in the inner cities have been systematically disabling these devices for decades. There also exists a legend of a super spy that would transform into a killing machine after a quick change in one of these.

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