Domain Spotlight: Fetching Big Bucks At Auction is presently at auction over at and as I’ve pointed out before, the Chinese love the number 8. The only thing better than the number 8? Three in a row.

The auction ends Saturday and already has 32 bids and is presently at a little over $15,000. Like any auction the big bidding at all takes place at the end and will most likely top $25k if history is any indicator.

Another interesting thing going on at is there is evidently someone trying to sell a bunch of 3 number dot co domains with no interest.  I’m pretty sure someone thought “Hey the Chinese like number domains right? Maybe I’ll get flip them there”  Unfortunately they are wrong.  Chinese deal in dot com, dot cn, and dot, and that’s it. Occasionally you’ll see some dot nets run through but not that often.  Somebody needs to learn their market.

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