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Aron Meystedt Puts Up for Sale

Meystedt and XF Investments is apparently looking to flip one of their recent investments,  According to press release and a report over at Techcrunch, they have not set a price and will wait for the right bid to come across. He did set the minimum by saying that he has turned down offers of a million dollars.XF acquired the name in November of 2010 an an undisclosed price.  Tablets also changed hands in 2006 for $50,500.

I’ve watched the layout and monetization efforts at the website over the year and realized this would provide even more value to a company that actually sells tablets and there are plenty of those in today ‘s marketplace.  Here is the press release below

The tablet industry, projected to be a $70Billion market in 2014, is growing at a rapid rate. The rate of growth is over $40Million per day, as consumers have quickly adopted top devices from Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers. Investments has decided to put up for offers, due to the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead in this market.

The rolling odometer on the website shows just how rapidly this industry is growing. RBC Capital Markets expects the tablet market to reach 185 million units sold in calendar 2014, up 83 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 17 million units in calendar 2010. Investments, based in Missouri, has not set an asking price for the asset.

“We are going to let the market determine the final sales price,” said Aron Meystedt with Investments. “We feel the size and growth of this industry will drive the final sales price of up, however, we haven’t set a target price yet,” he added. “Once a bid comes across that we feel is fair for this opportunity, we will accept it and move forward.”

Recent sales have shown the true value of a category leading domain name.,, (and many unreported sales) have traded hands for 7 and 8 figure sums. Recently, Citrix assigned an $18Million value to their domain name, which it acquired as part of an overall $200Million business purchase earlier this year. “This further illustrates the value of a top .com in a growing tech category,” Aron added. Additionally, the tablet industry is producing several major investments and buyouts, including this week’s agreement for Rakuten to pay $315Million for tablet creator Kobo.

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  1. smart move, especially since “ultrabooks” will soon conquest that space — “tablets” will soon diminish in popularity

  2. There’s a bigger market for Tablets that will never diminish. Prospect is Glaxo
    Americans spend $200 billion a year on prescription meds
    Doctors wrote 44 million prescriptions for Xanax and 27.7 million for Lexapro. Valium, the least popular on the list, was prescribed 14 million times.

    Today, Americans alone consume 16,000 tons of aspirin tablets alone a year, equaling 80 million pills, and we spend about $2 billion a year for non-prescription pain relievers, many of which contain aspirin or similar drugs.

  3. this site would require a full time copywriting and editorial staff to see its potential, the traffic numbers they show on compete under 10k per month pale in comparison with the potential for the industry…I would expect this to be a hot property, but the challenge for most is apples Ipad and the perception of their market domination already

  4. I agree with don, a fantastic name, but worth the most in the hands of either a tablet manufacturer or potentially a comparisson site. Even Aron states that they’re not seeing the monetization results they’d like, hence the reason for selling.

  5. Ultrabooks are cool but they are 2-3x the price of tablets and aren’t touch sensitive. Touch is what makes a tablet a tablet. Though I don’t think tablets will really take off until Windows 8. Tablets also have a chance at making a huge impact on console/handheld gaming.

    Great name. Lots of possibilities. There’s plenty of room to resell other people’s tablets, apps, games, books, accessories, etc. without having to be the manufacturer. When manufacturers start targeting the consumer sales channel, then they may wake up to generic domains but I don’t think that’s likely to happen anytime soon. Best of luck to Aron.

  6. is for sale over there at MediaOptions for $2,950,000 . . .

    There is only one , which I have . . .

    1. Ray and Louise,

      While I really appreciate you reading and commenting. PLEASE quit using my comment sections to promote your domains. I work hard on my blog and I love feedback and others opinion’s but not when the only purpose is to use it to let the world of similar names for sale

  7. I have . wait until apple releases the newest ipad for toddlers. I’m going to be rich.

  8. If I can’t mention being on sale for $3 mil, it’s not a domain discussion. Think about it: touchscreen is a huge term since 2010, as is tablet. It’s interesting to compare the price each may sell for. That is IMO.

  9. @Louise,

    “…If I can’t mention being on sale for $3 mil, it’s not a domain discussion…”

    If the value $3 mil… and can be $4mil each or more…

    We can retire…no more domain blog…lol

  10. @ Ravy, there is no comparison. Sorry. This is why:

    The clean generics & are seminal! “Touch Screen” and “Tablet” started big with the Microsoft Tablet PC with resistive touch screen that worked well with a stylus.

    Apple’s capacitive touch screen iPhone of 2007, and the release of the iPad in 2010, ushered in a new era, as seen by CES 2011, of capacitive touch screen tablet.

    Each of these capture the ground-breaking advances in device design this past year and a half! However, I like better . . . This is why:

    TouchScreen covers phones, tablets, tvs, and more. It covers a wider range of devices. I use a touch screen checkout at the grocery avoid lines. Even regular feature phones are touch screen. Touch screen, though it still has huge Google searches, is becoming ubiquitous, like “color tv.”

    Tablets, like “tvs,” are here to stay! The tablet industry is ust getting started! Surprise, earth shaking news of the year? The HP TouchPad which was announced discontinued sold well in HP’s firesale to get rid of inventory. Companies are taking note, as far as tablet pricing.

    So , if the owner of TouchScreen is holding out for $3 mil, should be worth at least $5 mil, imo. The phrase, “touch screen,” is on the decline, because it’s expected, like “color tv.” Tablets are only getting started.

  11. @Louise,

    While command the best generic word tablets, it’s also important to co-relate to other specific niche products with additional features such as 3D and 4G versions.

    It’s interesting to read Mashable’s article mentioned about new 3D Tablets and 4G Tablets products coming on market in near future…

    This is what Mashable’s article mentioned about 3D & 4G Tablets below with link page,

    “Sprint Releases HTC EVO 3D & View 4G”

    According to Machable, “…Also available is the HTC EVO View 4G, which Sprint calls the first 4G-tablet to hit the U.S. The EVO View…we’d rather look at getting a dual-core tablet like the iPad 2 or the Eee Transformer and pair it with a MiFi unit, but it’s certainly nice to see 4G tablets…”

    As the tablet industry, projected to be a $70Billion market in 2014, is growing at a rapid rate, tablets related upgrades such as tablets 3d and tablets 4G can increase significant value accordingly in future… will set the trends and market values of tablet related domain names…It is better to hold on my collections and wait for more new market products coming out in 3D and 4G versions in near future.

    Interesting to see what’s the value of We wish Aron best of luck.

  12. @ Davvy, Your longer tail generics have value for sure! I didn’t mean to imply they are valueless. Even @ Tom said: “Same dilemma as, sometimes domains are just to generic for their own good.” which I don’t agree applies to or, but there is definite opportunity to develop the longtail for those keywords. Rick Latona said his longtail domain websites are making more $$ than the short generics. So, I agree they have value, but to say Tablets3D should sell for 10% of what sell for, they are just in different leagues! Don’t forget what happened with, pg 39 of the comments on 3D thread of theDomains, and remember the saying (another domainer told me yesterday):

    Bears make money, bulls make money, but pigs get slaughtered.

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