Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping

Nov 21 2011

Today starts that week when people start getting hard to hold of in the US.  Thanksgiving week.  You know the week.  When you send out the newsletter and you get 300 out of the office reply emails and it clogs your in box.  Then again I’m not one to talk.  I won’t be returning any emails or phone calls either.  Here’s today’s light list. No bidders so this one could be a great deal for a product domain Coupon discount shopping is still the rage.  Get this one on discount. I know.  It sounds like a black cop drama from the 70’s but it certainly is memorable. I usually don’t recommend number domains dot net but this is a pretty strong number and has resale value Pretty good product.  Ironic that I just saw a segment on Sunday morning about a toaster collecting group.  I can guarantee there are at least 4 people that are interested in this domain according to the story. Great sound. Easy to say and spell

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  1. Aviran

    I have my doubts along with the number domain, its not like its or, something that people actually seek, its just a random number, not something I would buy even for the lowest price, just cause there is no benefit within it.

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