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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 10th of December

We went and cut down our Christmas tree this evening. The place we buy the tree makes it a nice experience, with hot chocolate, a fire, free hot dogs and marshmallows to roast. The farm has a site up but the domain is long. I’m gonna try and sell them a numeric once I figure out the number combination that means, “Christmas Trees For Sale”. If anyone knows what it is, let me know before Shane buys it.  I’m curious if I got a good deal. The tree is about 7 feet tall, it’s “Green” and I paid $47 for it, Shane was this a good deal?

Christmas tree meme about numeric domains  Sounds like a drug but it also sounds like its going to make you fast. 18 years old

197 USD, The next 5 Hour energy.  If I drink a little Liquid Speed and eat a Super Cookie I’m pretty sure I can take over the world

362 USD,  Looks Like it expired and sold for about the same price last year   Two years ago shitty, now gold, sweet shitty gold

2,025 USD  Double 6s look like two swans swimming in the cement pond.  But its the no fours and zeros that make the swans valuable

.? Two 8s.  That’s good enough.  Over under $305

257 USD Looks Like a lot of bidders took the day off today. Was it a Chinese holiday.  I’ll leave this here for the watchers to follow.  $200 over under. Still haven’t been able to buy one

101 USD Did you Get these Shane?  One more.  I think the above does better

102 USD  What’s going on here?   Pretty good brand for selling short domains.  One bidder at $10

156 USD Anyone know where the names starting at $10 come from? Is it some private Godaddy Stock or a partnership with someone else?Expiring start at $12, used domains start at $25, public Auctions have to start at $20 now. I found out the hard way that godaddy changed the commission to 20% and raised the minimum commission from $5 to $15, which really sucks.   City code NNN, especially JS have done very well over the last 6 months

503 USD Alright, Someone help me out with this city code thing. JS and HG +Numbers are traded in multiple extensions. Are BJ, SH don’t seem to be, what’s the difference?   Coming up in a few days.  As good of a as it gets  Smart Watches are one of the hottest Christmas presents this year and will be for many years to come.  That and drones.  No reserve so it will sell. Under $50 at press time.

135 USD I want a watch to control the drone that I don’t have yet.  Getting some nice bids.  Great for a buildout about da clubs.

No Winner    Met reserve at $30.  5000 exact match searches.  Evidently quite a few people edit MP4 videos.

160 USD, Seems like a good deal.  Flew past the $2K mark.  Now what?

2500 USD sold at the BIN   I know the keyword is fantastic but had no idea the ly domains got this high

5250 USD I like the .Ly names, I think it’s a natural branding extension. There’s a lot of good one word names available, I have several myself. They’re a little pricey at around $75 a year so I don’t have too many.  Ends early in the morning.  Everyone should own a as part of their retirement portfolio

22050 USD, I wish I was domaining when these were cheap.  I didn’t even know there was a WTF tld

Ends Tomorrow: yeah WTF?  Or it’s just 3 Chinese premium letters



2100 USD


1309 USD



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