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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 13th of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Have a great weekend everyone.


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,044.33  19 years old.  Great letters, good value at this price.

1925 USD   Nice Flip, sold for $551 3 weeks ago on Namejet 19 years old.  I’m thinking drone crop scanning but could be anything

1,009 USD Maybe a service that looks for minerals and resources in the ground.   Lots of places with the name.   Every town has stuff named after trees

155 USD I see a housing company. Or maybe a daycare  Cooking used to be the drive but I’m guessing cannabis comes in to play now. 18 years old

4,551 USD Wow that went high.  No bidders.  Generic for Viagra

?  This one’s like viagra but made out of elk antlers or maybe shark fins.   Generic for my toilet.   Sorry

? Or is it a Jamaican  Weed name? Bro Wn De Pot?   Under $100 would be a good buy IMO. Even as a dot net

895 USD Probably could sell snacks with this one.   This one is going to do very very well.  Virtual Reality creator

4,383 USD Ahh another VR name, I have been busting VR name balls lately, so in the spirit of kindness and understanding I bought one the other day. I got I think it’s pretty good. Maybe the Germans will like it.   Its going to have to be a directory site which I don’t like but I think you could probably sell it to someone else rather than build it out.   Based on current price though.   Over $600 I think its yours

363 USD I guess it could be the name of an umbrella name for numerous subsidiary companies    Ends today.  Has one bid at $25

?  Limited end users but I think I ate there at Laguna Beach

?   I figured this would get a good bid because you see this one billboards all the time.  Doing better than I expected

76,001 USD Wowza!  A nice to add to your collection.

?  Can’t go wrong with LLN.coms

?  This one isn’t quite as good because of the zero Oh confusion

1,475 USD   A large percentage of the Internet is made up of WordPress sites

9,900 USD If this is referring to WordPress like we all assume it is, Does it violate their trademark?    Interesting name with the hyphen.  Rarer than a 5N if you are trying to be a salesman.  No bidders at $20

? I don’t like hyphens with words, but with 4 or less other characters it seems like it’s just another symbol to me. Consider the Chinese market or what Chinese companies might like, the may use a V even though it’s not ideal. Since a V doesn’t mean anything in pinyin it’s essentially just a symbol, a shape, I feel like the hyphen could be the same thing.   Ends in 88

1,178 USD The 88 at the end is nice, but look at the rest of it. 8765, awesome. will always have some liquid value.  It’s low now some more upside than down if you want to stay positive.

?   Ultimate Bar Las Vegas

252 USD   Getting a few bids.  Mr. Clean has to be happy about this campaign

? Sometimes that only way to clean out the old pipes is to blow it clean. Sometimes it’s dangerous to try this on your own. Hiring a blow cleaner with their own unique blow and vacuum system might be worth the money. It all depends on your current resources, comfort level and what your willing to spend. While you can usually find cheaper blow cleaners, be careful, as their equipment may be dirty from lack of cleaning between uses., 310 USD, 305 USD , 300 USD  305 USD

And finally your daily list of LLLL.coms to add to your portfolio.  Closes today.  Last chance on a great travel name.  Under $4K at press time

4,650 USD Finally this damn thing sold, seems like a good price, but I have no idea what it’s worth. I’ve never been there.    A few good uses.  Worth somewhere between the current bid and what the owner thinks it worth

No Winner   At $1.  Kansas is not just basketball anymore.  The football team has gotten pretty good.

No Winner

  Recap Quick Overview

efct.com1925 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
landscan.com1,009 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
littleoaks.com155 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
pureoils.com4,551 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
munch.net895 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
vrmaker.com4,383 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
venturecompanies.com363 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
cashforhouses.com76,001 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
h07.com1,475 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
wpexpert.com9,900 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
876588.com1,178 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
ublv.com252 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
afxj.com310 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
afxk.com305 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
afxq.com300 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
uexs.com305 USD05/12/16GoDaddy
nicefrance.com4,650 USD05/13/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,511.00 5/12/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 5/12/2016 NameJet $5,000.00 5/12/2016 NameJet $1,415.00 5/12/2016 NameJet $1,415.00 5/12/2016 NameJet $1,525.00 5/12/2016 GoDaddy
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