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AUCTION RECAP, the 18th of April 2016

The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 18th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

running late Auction results below

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,225.00  20 years old.   Good luck with that whole phone help thing.   Your wait time is……24 years

630 USD My mom needs help with her phone. I gave her an old iphone to use as an ipod, sort of as a test run before delving into an actual smartphone, she’s clueless with it.   19 years old.    21 bids at press time

480 USD One check, banking, registrars, registry’s the list goes on.  As good of a as you will find.

6,590 USD What’s the cost per click of cost per click?  Perfect name for my agriculture industry but could be used for many other things

665 USD I think it could be a good brand, to gather strength or to become more stable, something like that.   Upgrade name for dozens of companies. 288 million results. 16 years old

555 USD Planing or consulting business  Not a lot of girls bidding on domain names or maybe they don’t like to be called girls but rather women.  No bidders

205 USD Another domain blog, how many of these damn things are there?  Opening bid of $2200.   Evidently nobody wants triple repeaters anymore

2200 USD  One person does  I’ve never heard of them but judging by all the bids and the price it must be something of value

605 USD Tokens for payphones? Do they still make payphones?   End in 88.  Will always have some value. Just not much as it used to

125 USD  A lot of non CHiP 6Ns today.  One of the few with no zeros or fours

186 USD  We still doing ly names?

250 USD Sounds like an “As Seen on TV” product   I like this one even if it is a dot me

308 USD   It’s cool because its spelled with a z

?      Great sales name for any industry

1,725 USD     16 years old.  Vegetarians spend a lot of money making sure they don’t eat meat

No Winner


  Recap Quick Overview

phonehelp.com630 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
unicheck.com480 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
cpc.net6,590 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
takeroot.com665 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
strategicconcepts.com555 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
domaingirl.com205 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
yrrr.com2200 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
telecoins.com605 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
472288.com125 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
896616.com186 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
choply.com250 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
750.me308 USD04/17/16GoDaddy
dealbrokers.com1,725 USD09/18/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,200.00 4/17/2016 GoDaddy $2,250.00 4/17/2016 DropCatch
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