Flippa – A Look Forward: LeMans.com, Directions.net, FundIt.com, Carpool.net, More

Apr 18 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Steal.org – Burglars aren’t into organizations, so based on the nice current price, I’m guessing bidders have another idea in mind.

TapeBackup.com – People still use tapes? Pricing looking good in the 4-figures.

SEONerd.com – Nice brandable SEO domain.

Wedding.io – Another non-techy .io domain that is doing well. I’ve been surprised at a couple of these over the last few weeks.

21 Domain Portfolio – Including TourMagazines.com, CCCRG.com, and more.

Carpool.net – Popular topic/concept these days.

Reserve Not Met

LeMans.com – 140,000+ person City in France, name of a movie, name of a famous car race.

Directions.net – Awesome keyword, but on the .net. According to the comments, the reserve is only at $3k.

e.Financial – If there are any .Financial domains worth anything, it seems like this one should be near the top.

Toed.com – Not the amphibian. As in steel toed boots, or toed the starting line.

FundIt.com – Nice name in the world of crowd funding that we currently live in.

CSYS.com – If you’re looking to buy LLLL.com after their recent drop.

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