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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 18th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,363.75

Auction Quick Recap  make an offer. It’s a great Chiropractor name.

Numbers are heating up again and .info is now a player. I have at auction and they’re only at $10 piece right now. If they were com I bet I’d be looking at 100k.

There’s a bunch a 4 and 5 N info’s starting to go. I’m not saying to run out and buy numeric .info’s, but there does seem to be opportunity.

Here’s a few more old Chinese sites 7n site first indexed in 2006 I think it was a site with random articles on it. Then in 2012 it was a gambling site. 7n with a 4, first indexed in 2002. Chinese Porn. Lots of  0 and 4 free 5 and  6n’s available in 2002. Neither of these appear to be phone numbers. IMG_0556  20 years old.   Charlie Sheen owns the plural

? Couldn’t find the price, seems like a great brand for a Geek Squad sorta thing.  An apple a day.  18 years old

1,276 USD A perfect name Organic/natural medical blog. Set it up as that and then sell it to apple as their daily news site. Shane see if your Grandfather wants this one for his apple collection.  Yes I’m thinking about buying it

565 USD Community College Football.  These are killing it lately.  Wish I would have bought more. 17 years old

1,625 USD  18 years old.  Not a bad name for under $50.  Food is more popular than ever.  Just look at the size of people

820 USD And the snipers came to work yesterday. I like food   Zip of Holly Grove Arizona.  Now worth more as a plain ole

1,183 USD The postal service is actually buying all these not the Chinese. That’s why they lose money every year.  Another zip.  Another four figure sale

1,225 USD Since I can’t think of anything else, it’s the zip for Beeville Texas, in Bee County, population just over 13K. Write these facts down, there’s a quiz later.   This one is going to go for around the $4K mark because of the double 8s

13,261 USD if that Stupid 4  wasn’t there it would be $20k…  Has almost 100 bids because of the 88

1,277 USD I’ve decided that any domain I register from now on will have an 8 in it, regardless or what the domain purpose is. and are available…. were available.   No 4 or zero has this near the average price

3,061 USD Nashville, TN zip code   Officially a CHiP and already near the $2K mark

2,051 USD stayed there.  Another.  Not my favorite letters but I like the price and that always changes my opinion

1977 USD just shy of 2k, Y at the end might get more.  You will be surprised the price you’ll get with the double 7s

357 USD  When do the NLLN with a double number take off? There’s only 400 of each double number with Chinese premium letters.  For all CCCC 2N 2L combo’s.  Even vowels in the are in the three figures

245 USD Could probably flip this as soon as it goes into your account for $295 to the right Chinese buyer, maybe not that high but somewhere in there.  Upgrade for a few places that share the name

498 USD Also a character from Harry Potter, Mooney, Padfoot, and Prongs, My daugher and I are reading the series.  People are buying and selling these regularly.

308 USD    Getting a good bid for a mobi.

211 USD sold for more in 2008  9 years old.  Only one bidder at $12.  Not sure how App names do but I think they are worth more than $20

215 USD I can see it, a place to download all your favorite racing apps.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  V is not a problem in a  You get value in it right now IMO

Ends Today at $20K   A collectible.  Hard to make it an acronym

Ends Today at $2K  This one is much better.   GG Go

2 days left   I think any short word dot io is a good investment

not sold at 2100 USD  Not sure about numbers yet

$43 ending today, RNM


NameJet Action Time Left:2d 4h High Bid:$303,000 Time Left:2d 4h High Bid:$55,000 Time Left:2d 4h High Bid:$2,700 Time Left:2d 4h High Bid:$222 Time Left:2d 4h High Bid:$224 Time Left:2d 4h High Bid:$89 Time Left:2d 5h High Bid:$1,212 Time Left:2d 5h High Bid:$100 Time Left:2d 5h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 5h High Bid:$100 Time Left:2d 5h High Bid:$85 Time Left:2d 5h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 6h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 6h High Bid:$86

Recap Quick Overview

football.cc565 USD11/15/13GoDaddy
dailyapple.com1,276 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
dp2.com1,625 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
foodscene.com820 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
72069.com1,183 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
78102.com1,225 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
88458.com13,261 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
77588.net1,277 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
37217.com3,061 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
lhkf.com2,051 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
ybmk.com1977 USD01/16/16GoDaddy
fg77.com357 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
iod.cc245 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
mooneys.com498 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
zzzsh.com308 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
823.mobi211 USD01/17/16GoDaddy
raceapp.com215 USD01/17/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,950.00 1/17/2016 Ebay $3,502.00 1/17/2016 NameJet $1,952.00 1/17/2016 Sedo $2,051.00 1/17/2016 GoDaddy
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