Flippa – A Look Forward: WBWH.com, Z2S.com Hit Reserve. DVA.com, AZT.com, LUUU.com, More

Jan 18 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Z2S.com – All CCC.com have increased in value over the past year, including LNL.com

68048.com – For you numeric lovers.

Bavio.com – Prounceable 5L.com’s are worth a couple bucks. Appears to be a last name, and an upgrade name for a few sites.

And a bunch of LLLL.com, in my opinion of their order of value:

  1. WBWH.com
  2. WSWR.com
  3. WWRQ.com
  4. WPQJ.com
  5. ONXL.com
  6. VJRV.com
  7. KBOC.com
  8. FZNE.com
  9. VAZC.com
  10. WQOH.com
  11. KJIH.com
  12. QTIH.com
  13. VKOP.com

Reserve Not Met

MoneyMakers.com – I’d prefer the singular, but still like this name.

THR.net – Great letters; LLL.net have picked up in value.

OrganicSeed.com – You may have to bid against Shane.

DVA.com – BIN of $40k is way too high if they’d like it to sell.

AZT.com – The selling broker typically has high reserves, and I’ve found myself paying less attention to his names even if I love them….knowing they’re unlikely to sell.

StudyHall.com – Very well known term. BIN of $250k, so seller may love it a little too much.

MITT.com – Been around the block a few times, but still a nice name.

TOIL.com – see comments on MITT above.

PokerDeals.com – Would have sold for a ton a few years back.

Pompeii.com – popular destination.

Poll.org – A Brannan’s listed name.

LUUU.com – One U = bad, three U = a good thing. For some buyers, that is.

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