Auction Recap, 19th of December

Dec 20 2015

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 19th of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $3,369.00

Auction Quick Recap  I invested in these types of triple repeaters because I think they are worth five figures very soon if not now. I think they will be $25K in a few years.  But I’ve been wrong before.  Not in domains, but in small mammals.  I didn’t think mice bit people, now my friend Charlie can only count to nine.

I’m not sure what happened with this one can’t find the results. That’s a good lesson to learn Shane, don’t trust small feral mammals no matter how friendly or cute they look. Advice on mammals is good, but not as good as the parable of the star wars hoarder. I might have a problem and could possibly need domain hoarding rehab.  I hate to even put this one up because I want to buy it but I have won exactly zero numerics so far so why not.

560 USD What’s your budget? Help me with my hoarding problem by letting me help you.  Love the name, especially at this price.  Only one bidder at $12

360 USD Could be lots of things, from tech to appliances or even a blog teaching how to be logical  I’ll take any that ends in C and has good western letters

675 USD The C is just a bonus, this one starts with UFO! Lots of internet traffic and discussion around UFO’s. You could sell UFO Survival gear or capture equipment. Capture and Probe Aliens from the comfort of your own home.  No fours or zeros so this one is going to be $4K plus.  I’d love one of these for Christmas

4,030 USD Makes me wish I had paid the $50 for good ones a few years ago instead of $19 for the crappy ones that are only worth $600-$1000

domain shane auction recap 12/19   A numeric palindrome?

1,537 USD “A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward or forward. Allowances may be made for adjustments to capital letters, punctuation, and word dividers.”

A few more 5N.coms are up for sale which are becoming more rare each passing month

1,227 USD When you say rare, I envision them being hunted and captured, then taken away to live in a Mongolian internment camp.

4,330 USD

3,506 USD

641 USD

691 USD

690 USD

And while we’re talking 5 numbers.  There’s a group of dot nets as well

302 USD

232 USD

226 USD

246 USD About 7% of the above .com.  

202 USD   Big CPC keyword.  Five years ago this would have gone for 10 times what its going to go for today

2,280 USD Are nGTLD’s Debt Protection or just Debt? Let us know what you think. I’m joking please don’t, I don’t care anymore lol.   Our nursery’s slogan is “providers of natures charm”  so I like the nature names.  A few other bidders do as well

182 USD that seems like an awesome name for a nursery or any “growing” business. “We do nature’s work”, or does nature just do it and you assist? I’m not sure, does it matter? The slogan might need to be “We sell Nature’s Work”, still works.  If they are doing numerics in the new Gs then we might as well do them in the older tlds too

111 USD, If I had to guess I’d say this came after biz because of the extra letter, but I’m not sure. Or maybe it’s the ratio of 2 out or  3 Premium letters to the 2 out of 4 Premium Letters.  education and dot org go together well.  Its the fake .edu

860 USD Decent wholesale price. In theory I like the org better than the net. Simply because it seems to add value to names like this, by value I mean language value and understanding . In general I like the net better.  I got caught up in these once, and even worse,  in the middle of the pouring raise

760 USD I admit I had to look it up…

And finally the quickly rising LLLL.coms is causing the market to jump.  Here are today’s favorites

271 USD


276 USD

371 USD

271 USD

282 USD

266 USD


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

.   I’m addicted to them in the summer.   I think its a good brand for other things though

1495 USD  I was reading an article where people were tired of people calling things “thisporn” and “thatporn” .  Which means its popular and a great name

Unsold at 2100, This name could transcend the boundaries of “this and that” Porn combining it with actual porn. There’d be bodies and footwear all over the place. Some people love those feet.  I’m only putting it here because the name is hilarious.  Actually selling a site

Unsold I always liked .biz but unfortunately not well enough to put a lot of these in our portfolio

5000 Euro. It’s kinda funny I still get a negative feeling in the back of my mind from biz. When I think about where that feeling comes from I realize that I really don’t hate it, I’ve just listened to everyone hate it for a couple of years now.  This applies to other extensions as well, namely .us. So I know it’s not popular at all, buy I have a hard time understanding why it’s hated. I know the restrictions on it probably don’t help it as a domainer friendly TLD. The County I live in, maybe even the state use .us for all of their Government websites, I think each department is a subdomain or something like that. My point is, I think it’s only shitty to domainers, the average person  at least around here, see’s every Local government website on a .us so it has to lend some level of authority to the extension. It’s also a word, I’ve made money on .us, even got lucky and sold one for  almost  $4k. That’s a pretty good return on $2.99 or whatever they used to be. That was a lottery ticket wild card, I know that, but there are plenty of one word .us names available that would sell for a few hundred bucks.  I don’t know why I just wrote a whole paragraph on .us next to the .biz. Met reserve and will sell.  Don’t you wish you would have bought more 2 weeks ago.   I think you feel this way in 2 more months about these.  My opinion only. Buy a domain on my recommendation may make you lose all your money and will force you to repackage cigarette butts and sell them as “Mini Cigs” to other homeless people in order to eat.

Ends Tomorrow at 2100 Euro

NYMets.NYC   Sedo and dot NYC should remove this.  Just too obvious.  C’mon dot NYC you’re better than this.  But maybe not, you don’t advertise here and I see where you’re putting your advertising dollars so I am biased

Luckily the reserve is so high no one will accidentally buy it.  

NameJet Action Time Left:1d 14h High Bid:$70 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$2,600 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$71 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$71 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$71 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$71 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$566 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$201

Recap Quick Overview

EarlyEducation.org860 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
DeltaBlues.org760 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18942.com691 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18947.com690 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
UFOC.com675 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18934.com641 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
118911.com560 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18925.com4,330 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18917.com4,030 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
FRRZ.net371 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
ModernLogic.com360 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18955.net302 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18923.com3,506 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
BSRM.net282 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
PMHR.net276 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
QTZC.net271 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
NKSC.net271 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
BSTX.net266 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18923.net246 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18977.net232 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18938.net226 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18925.net202 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
DebtProtection.com2,280 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
NYMets.NYC2 days LeftSedo
NaturesWork.com182 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
8687.info111 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
36063.com1,537 USD12/18/15GoDaddy
18036.com1,227 USD12/18/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,400.00 12/18/2015 NameJet $2,400.00 12/18/2015 NameJet $2,900.00 12/18/2015 NameJet $3,305.00 12/18/2015 NameJet $8,300.00 12/18/2015 NameJet $2,400.00 12/18/2015 NameJet $2,609.00 12/18/2015 NameJet $3,350.00 12/18/2015 Sedo $2,657.00 12/18/2015 Sedo


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