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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 21st and 22nd of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Another rainy weekend. Yesterday I was able to attend a friends wedding that was conducted flawlessly despite the rain. Congratulations Priscilla and Zach.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,903.50     You’re going to see us talk this Monday on Domain Sherpa about dot net being undervalued.  OK Drew talks about it but I agree

?   Don’t be afraid to step in.   Free slogan with purchase

? Lots of bull riders in certain parts of the country, seems like a good name for them. It’s a perfect site to build out for bull riders, you can monetize it with ads for dental reconstruction, orthopedic surgeons, wheelchair vendors and big belt buckles.  Generic Legal Zoom.  18 years old

2,480 USD A different spin on this name: it’s a team of crime scene sweepers that come in and get rid of any evidence.  Not too exciting to me but almost at for figures so that’s good enough for a watch

1,415 USD Has normal games, like poker, blackjack, craps.  Been up for sale a lot.  Seller will have to come down off their old reserve for it to move.  Maybe they have

?   No bidders.  I bet it ends over $400 now its on this list. No being conceited just saying that it needed on bid to get on the radar

490 USD The radar is key to any auction  VR name.   Pretty much $1000 plus for any that has it in the mix

910 USD Wild Goat VR  ESPN put a couple hundred million into covering video game athletes.  Could put another $50 into this one.  One bidder at $10

? It does take a good bit of stamina to play call of duty for 18 hours a day.    Quite a few other TLDs are built out.    Already a South African company of the same name

? sounds like a HAZMAT   The best brands are color + nouns

? And pink lizards seem like they’d be cool.   Nice brand.  This iPad thing is going to catch on

490 USD Some kind of note taking something or other.  Getting lots of action.  Much better than the original name

4,151 USD That is a traffic bid, not sure what Godaddy was reporting it at, but it has to be.   I’m on the buy side at these prices.  But being picky

?   Nice thought but I’m running on Diet Coke and just plain running

510 USD Because running on unhappiness just makes you bitter  Like every other glasses and lens company.  Eventually will be owned by Luxotica

1,825 USD could be a VR name too. Why not?   Brand Bucket type name.  Of course not everything has to do with the domain industry

560 USD Lots of branding companies out there that deal with the branding leg work.   Venture Capital, something something

299 USD VC mistress    What goes down in the DM

520 USD   356 USD  3000 USD  2515 USD

Have to end the top with a little snack of LLLL.coms  One of them is at $3K  Seller says he has received some higher offers than the current price.  I think its worth more.  Now we just have to see if the seller thinks its worth more than all of us

No Winner  Everybody could use a little.   Seller says the same thing so at least we know what everyone is thinking when the say and hear the name

No Winner  This would have been a several thousand dollar name 6 weeks ago.  May still be

?    19 years old.  A nice brand for anything that protects

2,666 USD Like it, the automatically gives a sense of authority to whatever it might represent.    Certainly memorable.  and in a hot space

1,358 USD in 5 years there will be pot sellers on every street corner… I meant every street corner pot seller will have a website in 5 years.   Aged name.  I like two word domains that are common words.  This fits the bill.  The next requirement is that its not too expensive.  Might meet that requirement.  We won’t know until this afternoon

249 USD not that pricey   Sounds like a Star Wars Movie.  Priced like a Jawa with plastic cape still on the card in great shape.  Yeah I still have original star wars toys unopened.

2,873 USD   The whole purpose of building a company.  Getting some great bids

2,629 USD Nice name    Quite a few places call themselves this vs a Deli

1,795 USD Or a cliff bar type thing made into a sandwich for hiking. HMMM let me have the ham and cheese with lettuce tomato and onion bar, second thought hold the onions.  I think I bought this album back in the 80s.   One bidder at $10

124 USD It was all instrumental right?  No bidders.  Solid marketing name for a fruit basket delivery company

736 USD Here’s a niche spin on fruit delivery. Just like send glitter to your enemies, send rotten fruit to your enemies. Doesn’t really have the same feel to it.    Already over $2K  It’s probably the JC for Jesus Christ thing

1,500 USD   399 USD 355 USD  351 USD   360 USD     

Just a few to keep in your glovebox in case you are want to keep one for the road How they spell Credit in many languages.   Thus all the high bids

3 days left  Sold for over $200K a few years ago. I know this from playing the namebio game.  I think it could be a brand.   Sounds like a tech company but I know its just a fancy word for a bruise

No Winner   Probably the best name on the list.   Perfect for ads .  18 years old

No Winner You’re probably thinking someone from Denmark but I’m thinking pastry all the way

3 days left

  Recap Quick Overview

legalhelper.com2,480 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
classiccasino.com1,415 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
thelasvegas.com490 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
wgvr.com910 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
openpad.com490 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
helpyourcat.com4,151 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
runningonhappiness.com510 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
visionlabs.com1,825 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
brandfair.com560 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
vcmr.com299 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
ondm.com520 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
gjja.com356 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
xgsm.com3000 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
hvyt.com2515 USD05/20/16GoDaddy
everguard.com2,666 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
goodmarijuana.com1,358 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
autumnpark.com249 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
newforce.com2,873 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
buildvalue.com2,629 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
sandwichbar.com1,795 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
wingsoffire.com124 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
sendfruit.com736 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
jcxp.com1,500 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
pehm.com399 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
wpuf.com355 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
njiq.com351 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
cxas.com360 USD05/21/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,800.00 5/22/2016 GoDaddy $3,000.00 5/22/2016 GoDaddy $1,314.00 5/21/2016 NameJet $1,500.00 5/21/2016 GoDaddy
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