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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 22nd and 23rd of January

Auction Quick Recap

There is 36 + inches on the ground here. Not that you can really tell when It’s over 2 feet and blowing. You have to be careful when you’re my height, I could walk outside and never be seen again. I actually have a snorkel tied around my neck just in case I get caught under a large drift. How high will the drifts get? The wind is sustained around 15-20 MPH, the snow is light and fluffy, there could be 20 foot drifts for days. I doubt I’ll be making the 2 hour trip home in the morning. I may attempt it later in the day. My next shift is supposed to by Tuesday, It’ll be a long week if I’m still here then.

Stay safe, stay warm, if you have any heart issues don’t shovel this crap. There will be more heart attacks tomorrow that any other day of the year I predict. If you start having CP, Call 911 right away. It’s going to take them a lot longer to get to you.

dsad meme 01/23 Currently at $560 in auction: BIN $800 still available  BIN $700 If you mention offer code Sarsaparilla

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on was $2,366.20  18 years old.  Not a bad name for under $500

405 USD Rj’s Artificial Intelligence  Don’t see a lot of 17 year old LLLL.nets up for auction

? 17 years old.   Nice tech name.  And because just doesn’t have the same ring to it

2,425 USD That seems like a high wholesale price. I do like the name  No bids. 16 years old.  Old people can go here to keep up to date

275 USD What they like today will be different tomorrow.  CHiPestern    Good for both Chinese and Western

2,055 USD What if we mix these up all together and call them “ Northern, Southern, or even Pretzels or Crackers”   4 bad, 48 good.  Dot net.  OK

1,475 USD 54 supposedly is good too. Should have doubled the price of this one. I have no idea really.  My favorite whore auction site on the net

Do you have to put a pre bid in, or can you kinda just sneak in at the end and make a bid.  You gotta start somewhere.  No bidders

132 USD “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.”   the 29K backlinks and the PR5 are the reasons for all the bids

669 USD I hope they’re not all spammy links

Some great LLLL.nets today.  Getting good bids as 

203 USD and 235 USD on Jan 7th

Couldn’t find the rest, a few must have had reserves on them, because there was recent sales prices.  Here is a $300 dot co for you

320 USD That seems like a good price, I lose track of these. I think I have 2 of them.   Three number dot infos are worth around $500 according to Josh

750 USD or 700, I don’t really know. 

And a group of 6N.coms for a hundred dollars.  (although they probably won’t stay at that price), 227 USD

127557, 204 USD

958377, 206 USD

562661, 153 USD

932311, 180 USD

137116, 142 USD

137112, 147 USD

763229, 137 USD

375193, 142 USD

375856, 142 USD

257982, 147 USD

135819, 140 USD

…whew that’s a lot

I don’t know where these are going, I hope it’s up and we’re just in a New Year’s lul

A few LLNN.coms that we usually have each day.  All under $100 now but have been closing in the $100 to $125 range.  Occasionally the “good” combos have been going for quite a bit more

85 USD I thought this one would get more.   

65 USD  You won’t be able to buy dot cc LLLL CHiPs for $100 very much longer IMO

61 USD  These .cc seem like really good deals.   Or in this case $25

32 USD an even better deal. The double Cs turn me on….sorry. I’ll see myself out

unsold   Getting a great bid but that’s because we all know the city…….and the volcano

Unsold at $12000  The double vowel in the middle  By now you know I love them.  I’ve never sold them but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express and now I’m an expert in them.

Unsold at $420  18 years old. No bidder.  I think its a great name for an app or new business.  Especially for $12

? More Jaw names, this one’s fun, must have gone cheap. 18 years old.  Pay by the answer

3,000 USD There’s a couple of sites out there that do this, I wonder if it’s an actual Lawyer or someone just looking up stuff.  Nice brand but you’re going to have to get as well to make it work

1,026 USD I had to go all the way to to find the first available numeric dogs.  They sell, you just have to wait for someone to come along.  I’m not that patient.   And I have trouble taking money from charities.  I feel so guilty

? I like to think that all companies are organizations of some sort, at least they have organizational charts. Then I can justify trying to sell it to anyone.   I knew the day would come when the world would love these three character names.  Its here.  I hope the goods ones hit 5 figures because I have a few good ones.  Doesn’t hurt this one gets almost 3K visitors a month

5,100 USD Is it because it’s a word and a number?  I knew 3 out of 4 letters being the same was good but this is doing much better than I anticipated

4000 USD  Wang Wang Quality Wang  I can see why this is getting bids

1,675 USD  12 years old.  Probably registered because its the zip of Pegram, TN …..yeeee hawwwww

662 USD   Generic for Periscope.   Getting some bids

1,247 USD Got a lot of bids, I like it. Now I’ll go register lots of names starting with U.    Yeah, I see “fuck” also.  But officially a CHiP

2325 USD  Shittiest blog ever

? Maybe this is one of those personal blogs where you keep track of your BM’s to make sure you stay regular. It could be an app too, there would be fields for color, weight, length, diameter. You would have a poop blog buddy for accountability.  No bidders at $20.  Thought there would be a few

? apparently this TLD is still only good for Short numbers and Letters.  If you’re going to do the thing. This is how you do it

121 USD It looks good to me, the 885 corporation.  One bidder at $12 at press time

126 USD, That seems like a really good brand for a registrar. Or maybe it’s an app that helps you pick your kids name. You would enter the date and your location and using some sophisticated technology give you the perfect name for your child based on the cycle of the moon.  Getting bids because its a semi pronounceable

1001 USD I thought it might be a couple pinyin but there doesn’t seem to be a QA.

A nice group of LLLL.nets going off today




RDHK, 221 USD, 225 USD, 364 USD  “Prosperity” in English.  Prosperidad in Spanish

540 USD, I like one word Spanish names. There’s a huge audience and they could be branded for English and universal usage.  All are worth $100.  OK, almost all of them

621 USD I wish the uppercase i always had the wings on it, so you would never be confused as to whether it’s and i or an L.  Michael Jordan Florida

? See I don’t know if that’s an L or an i damn it.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Reserve is under $25K.  Incredible buy for that price IMO

4 Days to go Wow… yeah you could do things with that name.  Reserve under $10K so this one will sell as well

4 Days to go  Reserve is $99.  I hope I get it for that

4 Days to go at $16K  Reserve under $500.  Acne names make good money….or can

4 Days to go at $610, doing a whole lot better on sedo with 4 days left than it did on Flippa, if my memory is correct.


NameJet Results $2,699 1/22/2016 $169 1/22/2016 $3,250 1/22/2016 $3,219 1/22/2016 $570 1/22/2016 $553 1/22/2016 $690 1/21/2016 $649 1/21/2016 $2,019 1/21/2016 $3,300 1/21/2016 $3,210 1/21/2016 1/21/2016 $140 1/21/2016 $69 1/21/2016 $160 1/21/2016 $90 1/21/2016 1/21/2016 $1,230 1/21/2016 $470 1/21/2016 $2,260 1/21/2016 $370 1/21/2016

Recap Quick Overview

rjai.com405 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
puresound.com2,425 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
whatkidslike.com275 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
bdtr.com2,055 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
5487.net1,475 USD 01/22/16GoDaddy
ilikemyself.com132 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
livingwagecampaign.org669 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
jbdt.net235 USD01/07/16GoDaddy
jbdt.net203 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
qtd.co320 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
159.info750 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
985538.com227 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
127557.com204 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
958377.com206 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
562661.com153 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
932311.com180 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
137116.com142 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
137112.com147 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
763229.com137 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
375193.com142 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
375856.com142 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
257982.com147 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
135819.com140 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
xn86.com85 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
hj59.com65 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
msfl.cc61 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
qdbg.cc32 USD01/22/16GoDaddy
legalquestion.com3,000 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
twodogs.com1,026 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
5by.com5,100 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
wwqw.com4000 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
qq365.com1,675 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
37143.com662 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
ubroadcast.com1,247 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
fckk.com2325 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
885c.com121 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
picknames.com126 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
jiqa.com1001 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
zwzl.net225 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
jfwm.net225 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
nmbr.net221 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
rdhk.net221 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
bfjg.net225 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
kzz.co364 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
prosperidad.com540 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
ijr.cc621 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
abql.com360 USD01/21/16GoDaddy
huh.net710 USD12/02/10NameJet

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,800.00 1/22/2016 Flippa $3,050.00 1/22/2016 DropCatch $2,055.00 1/22/2016 GoDaddy $2,201.00 1/21/2016 NameJet $2,260.00 1/21/2016 NameJet $2,019.00 1/21/2016 NameJet $2,325.00 1/21/2016 GoDaddy $4,000.00 1/21/2016 GoDaddy $2,051.00 1/21/2016 Flippa $1,901.00 1/21/2016 Flippa
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