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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 22nd of February

Auction Quick Recap

Looks like there’s some kind of buying faucet that gets turned on every two weeks in China. Looking at the data Travis posted today, there seems to be a wave  that lasts about 2 weeks with the peak right in the middle. Then there’s other buying patterns like the .club’s that were recently bought en mass.  It looks like about 100k were bought in a 5 day period from Feb 5-10th which was right in the middle of the Lunar new year.

While some things are readily apparent and happen over and over. I think there is still lots of benefit to taking a closer look at the data and using it to our advantage. scientist search for formula to Chinese domain buying trends

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $4,039.50  Pretty good marketing name for the price. No bidders at $12 at press time. 15 years old

338 USD I like it, lots of flower sellers and affiliates.  I try to but my wife always says “Not now, maybe tonight”   She’s always been a motivator. 17 years old. No bidders

131 USD, She’s also showing discretion, you can’t ask during meetings or dinner.   17 years old. 167 backlinks.  Getting some bids as good aged fitness names usually do

505 USD, This is a good,  I can see it. You can visualize the actual road to fitness and easily understand the metaphor.  Because everyone can always use a little help.  Upgrade name

4,150 USD I didn’t expect this price.  Even this one is going for $500 plus. Or will

?    A nice Sunday CHiP.  Not my favorite kind, but its not about me

2531 USD, I always like the names starting with the W, because I thought you’d have a natural audience in radio and Tv stations, east of the Mississippi. Now it applies to TV stations east of the Yellow River, ?, 362 USD Attack, maybe?  Even the non CHiP are starting to do well

337 USD   $400 to $550 would be my guess

510 USD   I thought for sure there would be more than ONE CHiP   But this is the only one I found

225 USD Notice the one below with 00 was higher?  The zeros a nice.  But only because it keeps it affordable

?  I can say the same thing about the 4.   Just a bigger discount

?  And they keep getting cheaper

?   I’d say based on past sales that this should end up around 400 to $450.

451 USD  Price is still under the nightly rate of a hotel room I stayed in of the exact same number

?   I just need it to hit $80 for personal reasons.  Have better names I paid less for.  We’re all rooting for something

227 USD Don’t forget the 00 is better than one 0.,,,   We still buying LLNN.comw?

?  Hasn’t been a lot of talk about 5L.coms.  This type of pattern was getting pretty good prices.

? There’s been some talk, about  If this doesn’t have value then most don’t either


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   One of the best dot vision names you can buy.  One of the ONLY dot vision names you should buy

Unsold Very nice ending in 8. Met reserve already

2 days left  16 thousand backlinks adds some gravy to this shorty dot org. 16 years old



NameJet Results $2,300 2/22/2016 $5,199 2/22/2016 2/22/2016 $330 2/22/2016 $3,433 2/22/2016 2/22/2016 2/22/2016 2/22/2016 $3,350 2/22/2016 $3,421 2/22/2016 $4,115 2/22/2016 2/22/2016 $81 2/22/2016 $905 2/22/2016 $109 2/22/2016


  Recap Quick Overview

bugblaster.com565 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
tagphoto.com170 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
thebillionaire.com2,030 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
americanherbalist.com510 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
hydrogenerator.com338 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
ezgp.com408 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
vpdg.com321 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
ozwx.com338 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
azxn.com620 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
marijuanabud.com425 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
19126.com4,738 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
3363.net3,050 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
6556.org415 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
12999.net898 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
368118.com385 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
921922.com777 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
255993.com361 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
728761.com230 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
snfz.net245 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
lgxd.net241 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
nsff.net251 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
dtyz.net246 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
dhdz.net245 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
rwdy.net241 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
kyjs.net245 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
yjdn.net235 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
urf.co183 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
888888822.com110 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
vpdg.com321 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
ezgp.com408 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
qcob.com387 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
hzna.com332 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
fihq.com321 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
yiux.com326 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
ulqx.com321 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
wozk.com342 USD02/19/16GoDaddy
81585.net294 USD02/20/16GoDaddy
njnr.com2100 USD02/20/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,201.00 2/21/2016 Sedo $2,026.00 2/21/2016 Ebay $2,531.00 2/21/2016 GoDaddy $9,400.00 2/21/2016 Sedo
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