Flippa – A Look Forward: Nerdy.com, JDLD.com, 88.Poker Hit Reserve. Bid.net, X4.net, More

Feb 22 2016

Reserve Met and Will Sell

Nerdy.com – Wonderful, brandable, short domain, with a commensurate price.

Fun.Zone – This new G nicely spans the dot.

Hiring.io – Not a bad keyword for this extension that keeps doing well.

88.poker – If anything will sell well in an extension, double 8’s will.

FNF.co – Even LLL.co domains have picked up over the past 12 months.

A bunch of LLLL.com, in my opinion of their order of value:

  1. WXRR.com
  2. JDLD.com
  3. BLII.com
  4. ASHV.com
  5. FNEF.com
  6. MGVM.com
  7. QTVN.com
  8. WIKN.com
  9. PVGV.com
  10. DNZA.com
  11. JVEG.com
  12. FNZU.com
  13. OYQT.com
  14. XUDL.com

Reserve Not Met

50 LLLL.com Portfolio – Some of the better ones include SSSE.com and ZHOO.com. From a quick scan, all have a vowel or a “V”.

10 LLNN.com Portfolio – I haven’t bought any of these, but I know many people have. Examples include LR31.com and RS72.com.

X4.net – A BMW model, but I assume the liquid, domainer value is what bidding will ultimately get up to. If you buy it and expect BMW will be knocking down your door, assume they’ll start with the .com first, which they don’t own.

QNJ.org – The Chinese haven’t latched on to the .org extension.

BID.net – I believe this one has been up before. NameBio shows it sold for $8,900 at NameJet two years ago.

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