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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 28th and 29th of February

Auction Quick Recap

Brand new Domain Sherpa Review out today. I don’t have any numeric .mobi’s lol.  I was able  to register a bunch or’s before anyone “Hyped” them, just by watching what was happening. I saw 6n’s being backordered on Pheenix and Dropcatch and said hmmmm, “People are paying more than $8 for these, and they’re going to auction”. This was around the beginning of Sept. I followed no blogs regularly and only listened to the Sherpa podcasts. The only other liquid domains I had were’s and only because Dicker told everyone on  Sherpa episodes that he sold them all the time for $5k. So I bought a bunch over the past few years when they only cost $20. I had no real knowledge of the liquid market, didn’t even go to forums. I was just doing my own thing, selling names on DNS, Godaddy Premium, Brandbucket and a few here and there on Afternic and Sedo.

No one hyped me or influenced me to buy anything crazy, other than the LLLL example I guess.

It seems like everyday I hear someone talk about “misleading” the “newbie” investor, Like they’re some kind of Brain Damaged Sheep. I don’t even know what examples people use when they talk about “pump and dumps” I didn’t know about liquid investing for years but when it came down to it, I was responsible for my own actions and I was never pumped or pimped or humped.

Also I have names auctioning today on Namejet that I forgot about. So I want to Hype them hard because they end tonight.  I bought this name because I envisioned a “don’t text and drive” campaign. It’s like a  negative call to action. Text  while driving and get killed. I think it’s a good message. And this one, It has a V, but it’s a cool V. Ancient Chinese lore says that the V surrounded by a Y and M means 8 years of domaining luck. That my friends is what blatant BS hyping looks like. 


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,472.58   20 years old.  Great name for a clown. Paddles the Clown.  But probably more value as another brand

? Or even to sell paddles, Every Kayak needs one and I think they’re sold seperatly. Plus they probalby get lost a lot.  19 years old. really have been stagnant this last week. I will admit that.   If any of them are going to get close to $3K though, this will be it. Very nice

2650 USD  Mickey Mouse CD’s Do they even make CD’s anymore?  Beautiful WHiP and doing better than even the name above

2273 USD San Diego, San Francisco  18 years old.  Sounds like a new Taco Bell product.

?  Or a Chinese guy Ta Cho, I’m not looking it up to see if it actually is.  Inventory management is a big business so I can see the value here

? No one like unorganized inventory.  No bidders.  I can see this on a Brand Domain site

? Or the Instructions for 3d printing a locker.  Certainly memorable. Getting quite a few bids

1,285 USD I didn’t think it was this memorable.  These have been liquid for a long time.  And now most are worth 4 figures

1,725 USD Isn’t this a brand of Spice too?  15 years old.  Purchased when V was just a letter before W

1,570 USD  Don’t know why this is over $2K.

2,306 USD Maybe it’s pinyin?  One bid and it’s under $2K

1926 USD  Good is one of the best adjectives you can put in front of a keyword.

3,338 USD Today on the Sherpa show, they kicked around good and great and good took the lead. I kinda feel like great would be better here. Good Restaurants are well, “Good”, but a great restaurant… Tony the Tiger says it best, and always with Passion.  Under $25 I think it is worth the risk to acquire a small portfolio of   But don’t do it just because I think its a good idea. If you do you will probably lose your money and be so broke that you will have to make a living returning the carts left in the parking lot at Aldi

?   810 USD   338 USD

These are much safer. Still a risk because its a dot biz but I don’t think you’ll have to take that Aldi job if you buy this one, 357 USD Crows make this sound., 360 USD I like the way it looks, and I can kinda say it., 371 USD  Everything “buzz” sells.  Not quite as much as everything vegan though

201 USD. You Buzz hyper.   123 in the middle doesn’t hurt.  And sure is easy to type in the top keyboard.  And there are a lot of laptops out there

1,026 USD Sometimes Sequence gets overlooked, ascending and descending   I have hesitated every time to buy dot co and now I am chasing.  I hate chasing but I hate watching names go up in value in front of my face and not making any money on it

650 USD  Not quite as good as the above because of the vowel but still over $200

215 USD   Great pattern here.  Worth much more than a regular old CHiP

525 USD very nice  Dot biz I have been pretty active although I have only flipped never held.  I like the price movement lately

296 USD, 211 USD, 207 USD, 218 USD, 208 USD, 206 USD  207 USD

These are selling well but its not you users buying them at all. The least clicked through names on my list

They seem to be dropping a little bit, so it could be a good time to buy., ?, 246 USD   ?

the double letters are the best of this category.  Some good ones today

I think these are good deals, looks like the NNLL didn’t get to $100  Even the cannabis domain used to sell the cannabis domains is getting a good price

110 USD I bet this is on the expired list next year this same date. Crap… Wait a second! If I register a name today is it good for 4 years?  I have not have even thought of even buying a but really love this pattern.  Its pretty

? MM HMMM She’s sho is Purdy.  But I have thought about buying that are nice under $20

?   Definitely worth more than $17 in this market

113 USD

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Don’t see very many 5N with this good of a pattern.  $5K plus easily

2 days  Let’s see what the price for a ending in 4.  Love these comps

2 days

A great portfolio of .xyz including

Unsold  I don’t know anything about .poker but this is the best numeric dot poker you can buy

888 USD  1 bid  Because Z is so much cooler than S.  We’ll pretend it doesn’t have an E. 16 years old.

1,690 USD I was thinking “taxi  TAX Z 19 years old.  Sounds a little creepy.  But good for night vision or spying on girls.  Still creepy I guess

1,136 USD Creepy or Fun, Yeah creepy.   Google it and look at all the sites offering this service.  Tells you the value

965 USD  Big Upgrade name for a ton of companies.  Getting a good bid because of it

1,600 USD  Looking like 4L.nets are starting to settle in around $250 which is 10% of the dot com…roughly

225 USD  Another triple repeater.  Seen more in the last week than I have in the last three months

5,101 USD    I doubt you’re going to sell it for a ton of money but honestly I don’t know the profit potential of farming goats

103 USD Lots of money in Sheep and Goats. There’s a couple weird ass domainers that visit the goat farmer seeking conjugal visits.  I’ve started buying with zeros.  5N.nets as well

1,010 USD   Already higher than most vowel V

510 USD  My favorite name on the list. Not for value but because it’s made me laugh thinking about it all day. No bidders

? I’ve seen this squirrel on the road numerous times. It was liquid but didn’t seem to move anywhere.   Everyone torrents but not everyone realizes they are

435 USD, 354 USD, 350 USD I like this one, D Zab, I don’t know what it is, but I can say D Zab, 327 USD  ?

Here is your daily collection of cheap boats.  May they float high   Xi is a pinyin word and my guess is it is the reason its at four figures. 4 doesn’t usually give you four figures

1,125 USD One meaning of Xi is system. So it’s Death System, Sounds like Star Wars a bit.   Sounds so official.

? It’s like a diary, where you track your cannabis consumption.  Very nice 5N CHiP.  $4500 seems to be the going rate but we’ll see

3,038 USD   I think these hit four figures in a year.  And yet I don’t own a one.  But the difference between me and other people is just because I am not an investor doesn’t mean I don’t understand the value.  I never root against a TLD.  Zero point to that

656 USD   The won’t hit four figures but they are on the move as well.   But I still think they are terrible names to put your company on.  I type .com every time.  But as long as others think they are great then that’s all that matters.  I sell lots of things at the nursery you couldn’t pay me to put in my yard.  It’s not about what I like. I am the seller

? And that is the key, You think I like .info’s? hell no, but if someone want to pay me more than I paid then I’ll pick some up.

308 USD    I am a big fan of 6N chips.  I’ve had a revelation and have adjusted my portfolio to include a large selection of them.  I had been adding at $200 but those days are over unless you listen to the Three Bears and they’ll tell you I will get them for next to nothing eventually

367 USD I can’t wait, I can restock, 1,010 USD

My opinion only, I think the 5Ns with zeros present value compared to other 5N.coms.   Investors are naturally drawn to cheaper prices.  Its why stocks split    Almost any LL.tld is worth owning.  Of course depends on the cost and renewal fee

455 USD, 225 USD, 225 USD, 215 USD, 241 USD  With the fast rising prices of CCC.coms there was a small window to pick up the dot net versions cheap but that window is closing fast

108 USD, I have a few of these.   Yup 7Ns over $100.   A whole new market is coming.  I promised months ago not to put 7Ns on this list and I willdo my best to keep them to a minimum.  Gotta draw the line somewhere. That is, until you erase it and move the line

460 USD I love this. Hopefully my 400’s will take off , lol  Generic for Craigslist

? Lots of happy people selling furniture.  I used to get caught up in zeros at the beginning because its not a real number. Now I am all about appearance, balance and flow.

498 USD Seriously? It’s about F-ing time… 🙂,,, and   103 USD

I was just talking to an investor (who is 100X bigger than me) who is buying portfolios of these right now.  He thinks they will double this year.  I can’t disagree.  I picked up a few dozen when they were under $20 so I’m almost there.  I know, I know.  These things are worthless and can’t and won’t be used as a website.  But ironically when I sell them I still get real money

There is something crazy like 30% of top 500 Alexa ranked Chinese Sites that are Numbers and Letters mixed.  Love this one.  Ends tomorrow but it needs a preview day for you to take it in.  I would not be allowed to build it out.

? I can’t find the price, I didn’t actually look. I decided to research the domain a little more and never got to it. My ADD may have kicked in.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

If you like numerics.  Sedo has an auction of 100% great numerics.  4,5, and 6 number dot coms

Too many to list (and I’m lazy) So just follow the link.



  Recap Quick Overview

mmcd.com2650 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
sdsf.com2273 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
blacksilver.com1,285 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
ks2.com1,725 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
wsv.net1,570 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
epay.net2,306 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
nhbj.com1926 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
goodrestaurants.com3,338 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
711.biz810 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
707.biz338 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
qaaw.com357 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
auoy.com360 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
eejz.com371 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
petbuzz.com201 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
41233.com1,026 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
ysz.co650 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
ohx.co215 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
981122.com525 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
wyj.biz296 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
mtlf.net211 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
hjrj.net207 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
wlzz.net218 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
ndnt.net208 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
prhg.net206 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
zmgd.net207 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
jd22.com246 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
medicalcannabisdomains.com110 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
nbjjj.com113 USD02/28/16GoDaddy
88.poker888 USD02/29/16Flippa
taxz.com1,690 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
nightspy.com1,136 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
checkdns.com965 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
cadsolutions.com1,600 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
wbll.net225 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
phhh.com5,101 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
goatfarmer.com103 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
81067.com1,010 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
evtt.com510 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
bigtorrent.com435 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
eqwo.com354 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
dzab.com350 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
ofyh.com327 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
4xi.com1,125 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
36919.com3,038 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
7898.co656 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
318875.com308 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
668158.com367 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
81067.com1,010 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
nv.mobi455 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
wknz.net225 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
wbll.net225 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
nzzl.net215 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
hzjy.net241 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
z53.net108 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
3682222.com460 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
002009.com498 USD02/27/16GoDaddy
zr59.com103 USD02/27/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,891.00 2/28/2016 Flippa $1,958.00 2/28/2016 GoDaddy $2,011.00 2/28/2016 GoDaddy $3,450.00 2/28/2016 NameJet $2,273.00 2/28/2016 GoDaddy $2,650.00 2/28/2016 GoDaddy $1,926.00 2/27/2016 GoDaddy $2,250.00 2/27/2016 NameJet $2,100.00 2/27/2016 Flippa $2,051.00 2/27/2016 Flippa $2,010.00 2/27/2016 Flippa $5,101.00 2/27/2016 GoDaddy
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