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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 28th of January

Auction Quick Recap

Great time to buy domains that the Chinese will want in a couple of weeks, most Chinese are travelling, visiting with family and preparing for the holidays. We base the market prices off of public auction sales, which is probably a small percentage of the domains that actually change hands. Like I say below regarding the LLNN, the only reason that one domain had the price it did was because I was paying attention at the particular time. I lost, but the point is that the one that made it to $100 isn’t better than the other 5, it just had more bidders show up, me.

I must have found the only guy in China working today, those capitalist Chinese are tricky. I sold 12’s with V’s in them for a decent average wholesale price. I wanted some walking around money so I was happy to oblige him.  The Price’s will never make any reports and that’s 12 more’s with a V than I’ve sold at auction this year.

It’s late, I hope everyone has a happy Friday. Be safe.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,900 at Auction ONLY at $6 each!!! Buy these for your collection.

dsad auction recap Jan 28th   15 years old.  Sounds like the name of a really hot girl that is just a little dirty. Like smelly dirty, but she is really good looking so you get past it at first.  But eventually it’s just too much and you start dating more of the wife type.

1425 USD Ahh Qaci, I remember you so well, you were a free spirit.  Gobbler or Gambler

?  You gotta know when to hold em.  14 years old.  Wanted or ….that’s all I got.  Very nice WHiP

? Why Not Trade Domains? Zebra Money.  And yes it has bids

321 USD It’s a good brandable. It’s a small zebra like animal crossbreed with a miniature horse   yes its already at 4 figures.  Gotta love the Chinese market

1,500 USD I got nothin.  K at the front isn’t too bad.  Officially a CHiP but it will interesting to see what part of the range it falls at the end

? And who knows, Can’t find anything today. Maybe it had a reserve.  Sold for $230 back in 2013.  I liked it then and still like it

370 USD Never got built as the hat showcase it was meant to be.  If keyword dot cc become popular this one is going to be worth way more than the $12 you’ll need to buy it.  No bidders

? Crazy Clown Costumes… Use the CC to your advantage.  As nice of a as I’ve seen

1,440 USD  A ver special  And you only have 10 million to choose from

990 USD Pattern and 8’s will boost anything.   Not exactly a palindrome but still pretty balanced.

?   Thank the zeros for keeping the price down

? It’s kind of balanced, if you turned the 2 upside down and inverted, it would resemble the 7.  If you’re going to do a NNLL starting with 88 is a good start

628 USD Put a couple of 8’s on anything and it’ll look good and sell.

And if you’re looking to get in kind of early into the LLNN.coms then here are few

100 USD this is the only one that reached $100 I think because I may have been busy and only bid on this one. It just proves that these prices aren’t always indicative of the market price but rather who shows up to bid.  I bid it up from $12 to $40. your turn

110 USD That’ll be more someday. 2 pair  Another great or should I say THE .  Closes in a week or so

5 days left  At $1500 but I’m not sure why.

1,975 USD Clothing or something? Probably a trademark issue, but I’m not looking it up.  Somebody is definitely cashing out of these.  Great collection of coming up for sale

5 Days Left

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  One of the better Geos that has been up for sale in a while.  You can’t afford  Actually a few of you can

21 Days left  Ahh the Sunshine State, Aspen, beautiful. First time ever you want to buy a stolen domain

No winner People spend millions on these girls every year.

No winner The Plural seems like the better domain in this case.  Nice patterned

281 USD Geez these things are falling through the floor. From nothing to $300 in 5 months now at $280. Obviously the 7% drop indicates looming disaster. Sell them all.  I’m sure there is some typo traffic from

4000 USD, ouch sold for 7200 In October according to namebio.   CVCV is as hot as every.  Reseller market though.  Not many end users

No Winner. What? This is an obvious Comic book Character, Xuro, strikes again.



  Recap Quick Overview

qaci.com1425 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
zoney.com321 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
02r.com1,500 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
hatsy.com370 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
83666.net1,440 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
1266888.com990 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
88fg.com628 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
pq82.com100 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
779902.com110 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
luxirare.com1,975 USD01/27/16GoDaddy
ddnd.net281 USD01/27/

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,850.00 1/27/2016 Sedo $1,950.00 1/27/2016 Sedo
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