Jan 28 2016

Ok, I finally got a good translation regarding what the Chaomi site is showing in the market trends section.  It looks like there are two main sets of data on this page.  One set shows previous buy it now / fixed price sales, and the other section shows previous auction sales.  I’ve been doing this daily post of auction trends when the data I have actually been looking at is the fixed price sales data.  I apologize for this error, and I’ll be coming up with a way to monitor the auction data specifically.  Until then, I’ll continue to post the fixed price sales trends (averages and floor prices).

I had a discussion in the comments section a week or so ago with Michael regarding the BIN sales reports.  Michael mentioned that Chaomi may be logging a sale when a name disappears from the BIN listings when in fact, there was no actual sale.  This is possible.  I do not know exactly how Chaomi gets their data.  Tracking auction sales is certainly the better way to go, and I hope to have something better soon.



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  1. Vishal

    There seems to be big domain price percentage decline in 4N( numeric) domain names in the first picture. Almost every extension seems to be losing domain value percentage. Aren’t market trends should be going up for 4N domains?

    1. Post author
      Travis M.

      Thanks for the comment Vishal. If you look below the price, you can see that the volume is zero for all of them. So few 4N of any type ever trade. When this is the case, I can only show what the Chaomi home page shows — which is the lowest BIN price listed on the networks they track.

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