Auction Recap, 30th of December

Dec 30 2015

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 30th of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,404.09

Auction Quick Recap

I hope everyone is having a great “most unproductive” week of the year. lot’s of good domain deals out there this week. I  started responding to my new Chinese emails again. There was one today that tried to make it look like it was from a person named Cathy. The Grammar was off, the name in the heading didn’t match the name in the signature line and it was from a email address. I responded asking if Cathy was a fake English name. They  asked how I knew it was fake, but that yes it was a fake name. I told them the names didn’t match the wording didn’t make sense in English and then I rewrote the email for them so it would read more naturally.

I don’t know if I’ll hear from them again, but I felt like it was a good opportunity to reach out and help someone. Maybe it’ll work out that I can do some deals with this person, or learn something, maybe not. I try to go into things like this with a do onto others state of mind. Meaning I try not to look at what I’ll get out of it directly, but rather how I’d like to be helped if I needed it.

I fail at this sometimes. Sometimes there’s that motive in the back of my mind that says “what can I get out of this” But I try to do it out of principle. I really believe that trying to care about others with no selfish intention benefits us in the end. Whether it’s directly with something tangible, or indirectly with something good that happens that we might never know about.  20 years old.  The domain does one of the most important jobs.  Telling users what they’ll find at your site

765 USD This is a house of tools houseoftools  All the bids are coming from the drink or from the girls

4,338 USD is available for reg fee.  Another fine marijuana name.  Sticky is good except that you pay twice as much when you buy it. Not as big a deal if you grow it. So I’ve heard.  Only one bidder at $12

355 USD This was originally a misspelling of sticky bun that worked out in the end  A very nice to add to your collection, or to start it

1,851 USD Peanut Butter and Gelly mmmmm    11 year old   The 8 gives it a little more value

? missed the price for these 2  Also 11 years old but not as good of a number so its not going to do quite as well

?  Oh 9 G.  Even that confusion doesn’t stop this for selling over $500

454 USD Must have been an off day. I like to trick people with these.  Every product in the world has it.  I also see a moving boxes play as well.  No bidders

3 days left  No bidders.  Limited to a site about draft prospects but it has 90 million Google results so there are plenty of people that care about them in several sports.

353 USD or it could be a site about up and coming microbrews, maybe.    The average price for these yesterday was $3161 according to Travis’ daily average chart

3,100 USD  right on par  I bid on 30 plus and couldn’t beat first, two two, and one other person on any of them.  Another nice day of gooseegg.  

209 USD these were $500 right after the rush, I bet it goes back up soon Seems like a site name from 2008 and that’s not a bad thing

1,590 USD This must have had a good bit of traffic. Seems high for just the name at auction  This is the next dot cc group to make a big move IMO

130 USD the is somewhere around 60-70% of the  right now but climbing.   Found one more.  I will be a bidder on all of these but like most domains lately.  I will probably only be an early bidder

145 USD

And a few LLLL.nets today  





These prices seem lower than Normal, I backordered a bunch on Snapnames and the cheapest price today was $245.  First time I’ve had a on the board I think.  Worth watching

155 USD

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  A fully built website that used to do $40K to $100K a month in profits

126,000 USD, This is a hell of a deal if the site is making $40-$100 K a month.  16 years old. have started to do very well but you can still get ahead of the market as they are dragging behind.  This is one of the better CVCV.  Don’t let vowels scare you

ends tomorrow

domain shane auction recap meme of the day 12/30 Kroc has another nice name up with no reserve

180 USD  that’s a great name for a drone  Great worldwide  Over under $2450

2,001 USD Looks like a good deal.

NameJet Results

Domain Name / Due By High Bid End Date $990 12/30/2015 $51,720 12/30/2015 $1,300 12/30/2015 RNM 12/30/2015 $1,108 12/30/2015 $23,100 12/30/2015 $3,700 12/30/2015 RNM 12/30/2015 RNM 12/30/2015 $3,300 12/30/2015


Recap Quick Overview

HumorShack.com1,590 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
PBG.cc1,851 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
StateUniversity.com126,000 USD 12/29/15
TYTD.cc130 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
BYGF.cc145 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
C63.cc155 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
hcyc.net156 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
GreatDrone.com180 USD12/29/15Flippa
MCLN.com2,001 USD 12/29/15Flippa
pwhp.net200 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
tgpn.net201 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
586811.com209 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
ZMDX.net220 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
25979.com3,100 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
DraftProspects.com353 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
StickyBud.com355 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
WhiteRussian.com4,338 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
o9G.com454 USD12/29/15GoDaddy
HouseOfTools.com765 USD12/29/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,001.00 12/29/2015 Flippa $1,950.00 12/29/2015 Flippa $2,100.00 12/29/2015 NameJet $2,500.00 12/29/2015 NameJet $2,500.00 12/29/2015 NameJet $2,500.00 12/29/2015 NameJet $1,942.00 12/29/2015 NameJet $1,908.00 12/29/2015 NameJet $1,900.00 12/29/2015 NameJet $2,600.00 12/29/2015 NameJet $4,544.00 12/29/2015 NameJet
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