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Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, For the 4th of December

Yesterdays 4L Chip average was $2,040.64

Recap Quick Reference Table


Going through the drop list these days takes a lot longer than it used to. Even if I have no intention of backordering anything, I like to see what’s hot and what’s getting picked up. One of the Niche’s that sticks out over the last couple of days is 5L chip com’s with seemingly random letters but that end in a W.  I’ve listed  the ones that dropped yesterday. Dropcatch has a bunch on auction, anyone know what the significance is to the W at the end?
htslw.comyou sell websites? No just domains

Detailed Recap 19 years old. People have been using magnets to fake heal for centuries

Wholesale Fake healing is worth $1302 apparently.

. 19 year old CHiP. Ending in C is the best letter, to me, not to everyone else

$2118, I like the C too, What’s the deal with the W at the end of the 5L chips? Anyone know?

. 15 years old. Was no cloud when it was registered. Under $50 at press time

$690, A good name but could it be obsolete in a few years? I Think we’re getting to the point where people expect that their data is backed up somewhere by whatever service they use. Maybe they won’t even think about it anymore. Could still be a good B2B name at that point.

. I am officially declaring that Chinese Premiums are worth $2K on average

$2130, On average they have been above or right around $2k for weeks now. I was actually a little confused when everyone was talking about plummeting Chip prices. I’ve been tracking the public sales for weeks now and I don’t think there’s been a day where the “average” dropped below $2k. There are certainly outliers, so you could say the “floor” is $1500 or so, but those seem to be random, under valued and scarce.

. Last call. Below the the minimum for although the Y is cheating a little

I lost track of this one, It’s currently listed with BIN

. You laugh but you know people are having them. No bidders

$293, Lots and lots of unapologetic Crazy Cat people out there…

. Any under $1000 is worth looking at IMO

$916 (68 Bids) I’ve talked several times about the need for a very cheap car tracker. Good name for it

$623 (39 Bids) Could be a site for car buyers that alerts them when a deal meeting their specifications hits the market. That’s a brilliant idea for Liquid domains.

. I am not going to lie. Its a pretty cute name. A few bids

$273 worth of cuteness.

. DNJN sold for $3800 a few weeks ago. This one is about half of that right now


. If you could get this under $50 you will do well. But you won’t get it that cheap IMO

$52 (10 Bids)

. The double Xs kill the English acronym but that’s not the present determinate. Like my fancy words?

$430 (33 Bids) Seems like a good deal, the A seems to be the favorite non Chip letter.

. Can’t have a list without a . But aren’t very many today

$202 (27 Bids) Orginally I thought the best value with non com 4L’s would be to the western market. I figured that small to medium sized businesses would use them in place of the unavailable coms, then all of them were regged, then all the org’s, with the Chips bought out first.


And a few dot me up for auction. Dot me and tv haven’t moved with the rest of the olds. Is it time? No bids


4 days to go




4 days to go


4 days to go


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. No reserve name. And most men and ladies have shopped for an expensive ring


. First names have done traditionally well. This one is under $250 at press time. Worth more IMO

$404, I don’t know any Pauleen’s

. One of the most sought after patterns

$4300 Sedo seems like the place to find undervlaued Chips lately. It seems to get hot for a couple of days, then revert back to a few hundred $ under eveyone else

Recap Quick Overview

DomainSold PriceAuction DateSold Date
MagneticTherapy.com1,302 USD12/03/15GoDaddy
WJPC.com2,118 USD12/03/15GoDaddy$690 (43 Bids)12/03/15GoDaddy
CWKT.com2,130 USD12/03/15GoDaddy
CatParty.com293 USD12/03/15GoDaddy$916 (68 Bids)12/03/15GoDaddy$623 (39 Bids)12/03/15GoDaddy$273 (11 Bids)12/03/15GoDaddy
DNRJ.com12/05/15GoDaddy$52 (10 Bids)12/03/15GoDaddy$430 (33 Bids)12/03/15GoDaddy$202 (27 Bids)12/03/15GoDaddy
QDS.me4 days to goGoDaddy
UZT.me4 days to goGoDaddy
ZZE.me4 days to goGoDaddy
thedownload.comReserve Not Met12/01/15NameJet
cubey.comReserve Not Met12/01/15NameJet
dens.comReserve Not Met12/01/15NameJet
dadm.comReserve Not Met12/01/15NameJet

Yesterday Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,547.00 12/3/2015 4.CN $2,450.00 12/3/2015 Sedo $2,130.00 12/3/2015 GoDaddy $2,118.00 12/3/2015 GoDaddy $2,051.00 12/3/2015 Flippa $2,025.00 12/3/2015 GoDaddy $2,013.00 12/3/2015 Sedo $2,001.00 12/3/2015 Sedo $1,924.00 12/3/2015 4.CN $1,907.00 12/3/2015 4.CN $1,893.00 12/3/2015 4.CN $1,893.00 12/3/2015 4.CN $1,893.00 12/3/2015 4.CN $1,724.00 12/3/2015 Sedo
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  1. “Wang” in pinyin means “NET”, lots of online companies’ names end with “wang”. that’s why ****W domain is the 2nd most popular pattern after the city initials like “bj” or “sh”.

  2. I always thought the “W” at the end was for “website”. Certainly could be wrong though.

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