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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 5th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Today I read an online English version  Chinese newspaper article about the increase of babies that will be born in Beijing this year. Apparently the Monkey is a lot luckier than his predecessor the sheep. So family’s have been waiting to have a child until the monkey came along. They anticipate an extra 300,000 babies in Beijing alone because of the monkey.  Also, the Chinese  are now allowed to have more than 1 child.

So start registering faster, China has more than doubled it’s domestic production of humans. We are going to need every damn 10N to satisfy the demand… 🙂

dsadeygpt2Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,163.20 ” For the best price one way tickets in the business”  Free slogan with the purchase

Ends Today, Sold for $2k in 2011  20 years old.  All the bids coming for the upgrade name play.  A couple of places that could use it

1,025 USD High School Bands I quess  19 years old.  When a name is 19 years old you know it can be a brand because that was the only reason a name like this would have been registered.  Parking revenue is probably minimal

1,606 USD, or they registered it for 10 years had it on  auto renew for another 10 years, but dies somewhere in the middle. Lol, I mean geez, the poor bastards paid all that money, then let it expire when the price went up.  Even this one is 13 years old.  Way ahead of the Chinese trend

710 USD   Great Western letters.  And ending in C puts it in the $1500 mark

2,055 USD Garlic  Also good letter but the C for Corporation makes it much more valuable

755 USD Stop at the store and get a Galn of milk on your way home.  18 years old.  I think the are raising above their respective percentage of the dot com merely because the dot coms are so expensive.  I think the LLL.coms come down and these continue their rise.  My opinion only

3,152 USD  Not quite as many people looking for cake recipes as cookie recipes but if the dot org goes for $580 this has a little value too

? It’s on the box isn’t it?   These bottom names are moving.  This one is up $150 where it would have been a month ago

710 USD I still think the price is too high on these but I have been proven wrong every single day

251 USD  Not a bad brand for $12.  No bidders

? Helping Paths Lose weight for years.  Easy logo, memorable brand.  Only one bidder at press time

595 USD, Sounds like a Drink in DrinkLand   Only 2 bidders, at $22.   Surprised there isn’t more action on this one.  Sounds like it would have a drive through window for beer

126 USD, I envision fountains flowing with beer Opening bid at $99.  No too bad a price. Probably could sell for 5X that with some work

? How much is Colorado Worth, This appraiser has to answer that question everyday.  No bidders.  “As cool as both sides of our pillow”

? Made from Polar Bear pelts, very expensive product.  One bidder at $12.   You noticed I’m putting more cheap brand type names.  Josh has taught me a lot about this market and there definitely a business model in selling one name to pay for 20

1,725 USD Uhh… Look at what you did… So yeah, especially if you’re getting them cheap you can take them on a test run for a year and see how they perform. Some names will get traffic and park well for some reason. So you keep them if they don’t sell, but if you let one drop it’s no big deal, cuz you can just trade it in for another one.  I think names like this under $750 present value

? Past tense of the verb do  I was worried that overall were struggling but today’s prices (like this one) make me feel better

2,391 USD   I’m sure somebody does.  The might live far far away but there’s somebody for everyone.

355 USD Your mom? Probably not gonna find out who online, but give it a shot.   Gets crushed in the radio test.  Passes the getting a good price test

899 USD Jews that make aliyah. Zionist- Zews.  Wow! 18,000 backlinks.  Worth looking at just for those

3,282 USD They just kept reblogging all those links.   The V names haven’t budged an inch.  True bottom letter.  Unfortunately I own dozens of them

386 USD, That’s why we need to rebrand it as another 5.  Our first of the day

2,550 USD  Not quite as strong here because of the 4

811 USD   One more lower quality which is the same price of a good quality

827 USD, 430 USD   325 USD 500 USD

Just a few more of names towards the bottom of the price chart   A lot of brands built around this keyword product

3,560 USD What the Deuce? seems high…   Introducing the hot new crush of the Chinese domain gambler

176 USD, It’s all about the Monkey and the Monkey likes the co, 197 USD, 202 USD, 196 USD, 196 USD   191 USD

Just because I don’t like them is no reason not to buy them. They have done well regardless , Really not been a lot of 6N.coms for sale lately

?  Like this one a lot at this price.

448 USD Ahh this is what I was talking about yesterday. One of the Liquid words. 2,5 Million Registered Cloud domains. I made that number up   I think canna names are a good buy.  I see it being used more an more as a term for cannabis

137 USD. This is those camel cigarettes that you can crush for menthol if you want. In this case you crush for weed if you want. Probably every time.  I’ve seen much worse numbers sell for $69 on Namejet


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Domain Name Journal shortener

2 days Left  Funny thing is I was going to say that Vodka is singular and plural. Then I saw the price and I realize I am either wrong or nobody cares

No Winner at 44k    I’m a big fan of all CCC.coms and I really like this one

No Winner, Didn’t meet reserve over $4K… What is going on here? Typo of Shit but comes in with a lot of great and 129 more

Not Sold



  Recap Quick Overview

marchgroup.com1,025 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
op1.com1,606 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
u9y.com710 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
garc.com2,055 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
galn.com755 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
cjn.net3,152 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
izex.com710 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
stmp.net251 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
bluehammer.com595 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
drinkland.com126 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
westernglobal.com1,725 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
mxxz.com2,391 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
wholovesme.com355 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
zews.com899 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
reblog.org3,282 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
ukmv.com386 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
81507.com2,550 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
81403.com811 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
24205.com827 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
fhvd.com430 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
qhue.com325 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
yvvh.com500 USD03/03/16GoDaddy
sharedofficespace.com3,560 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
syi.co176 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
cxhq.net197 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
hgfh.net202 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
qntt.net196 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
bhxl.net196 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
txpc.net191 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
cloudhighway.com448 USD03/04/16GoDaddy
cannacrush.com137 USD03/04/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,050.00 3/4/2016 NameJet $2,100.00 3/4/2016 NameJet $2,200.00 3/4/2016 NameJet $2,391.00 3/4/2016 GoDaddy $2,075.00 3/4/2016 GoDaddy
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