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Results from Shane’s Auction Picks December 06, 2015

Auction Quick Overview 

Yesterday’s 4L Chip sales only 2 reported, 2,358 USD 2015-12-05, 2,131 USD 2015-12-05


Long Day, Here’s what happened.   Had no idea a was worth this much

1,255 USD Neither did I, it does look nice with all those 5’s  But there is some consistency here because this one and the name below are at nearly the same price

1,425 USD

domainshane pinyin meme   I am still skeptical. Will be interesting to see if it sells and actually changes hands. Maybe I am going to learn something here

1,495 USD  One more for the group and yet again, a high price

1,475 USD I thought this one would go higher than the rest  As expected its getting close to $50K

Missed it will keep looking   Great letters, great for an enduser sale.   20 years old

901 USD , sell it to Cannabis, Ganja, Lobbyists  More great letters.  18 years old.  This type is going up every day. The Chinese are starting to buy Western names as well. They are starting to realize the goal is to sell for more money than you paid for it.  It doesn’t matter who you sell it to.

1,525 USD, I like the vowels at the end, Organization or office maybe  Which explains why the CHiPs that are also Western Premiums are getting the best prices

2,358 USD  I knew the 88 enders were worth this much

$745 (59 Bids)  The next three are all very similar.  I’m a bit late but I will be adding a few select 6N.coms to the portfolio

$831 (50 Bids)  If I had to pick one meat at Chipotle I choose chicken or carnitas.  Nothing to do with domains, just saying

$811 (65 Bids)  I like this one the best but probably won’t be the highest price of the four

.  Looks like ships.  Over $100 but not sure if its because its a or for other reasons

$151 (30 Bids)   If I’m going to buy a dot co this is the kind I want to buy

$205 (29 Bids)  I quess it’s not too bad a price for 4N, seems like it should go higher but who knows.  100,000 vs 1 million.  That’s why this one is worth so much more. Even with zeros and fours

590 USD  I’ve been reading on Namepros about the NNLL and category.  The logic on availability is solid.  But you can say that about almost any short category or tld.  But these are starting to gain traction so they have my interest

$415 (28 Bids) Short domains…  One more.  And these actually get some monthly traffic

$68 (9 Bids) Short but no 8

.A few more 6N.coms I like


280 USD


261 USD


336 USD More money for sequence, more than 899 at the end.


205 USD


215 USD


156 USD

.  Love this one.  Great name for anything media

$1,136 (27 Bids) I’m thinking a site for to book event speakers, or downloadable speeches.  Missed this one on the list. Late add on. Love all the 8s

$305 (19 Bids)

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  I love the name but the seller usually have pretty high reserves

Ended Unsold  I’m thinking Presidential but also a typo for Erection

Ended Unsold

NameJet Action 

Domain Name / TLD / Status Bidders Time Left High Bid Bidders:143 Time Left:19h 12m High Bid:$2,095 Bidders:35 Time Left:19h 19m High Bid:$72 Bidders:35 Time Left:19h 22m High Bid:$71 Bidders:26 Time Left:19h 26m High Bid:$69 Bidders:4 Time Left:19h 33m High Bid:$69 Bidders:90 Time Left:19h 42m High Bid:$1,600 Bidders:41 Time Left:19h 43m High Bid:$1,560 Bidders:55 Time Left:19h 52m High Bid:$102 Bidders:138 Time Left:19h 58m High Bid:$3,501 Bidders:40 Time Left:20h 23m High Bid:$99 Bidders:211 Time Left:20h 29m High Bid:$21,950 Bidders:92 Time Left:20h 31m High Bid:$1,800 Bidders:90 Time Left:20h 32m High Bid:$1,800 Bidders:84 Time Left:20h 33m High Bid:$898 Bidders:68 Time Left:20h 42m High Bid:$3,100 Bidders:93 Time Left:20h 54m High Bid:$1,421 Bidders:91 Time Left:20h 55m High Bid:$8,000 Bidders:3 Time Left:20h 57m High Bid:$69 Bidders:72 Time Left:20h 59m High Bid:$444 Bidders:40 Time Left:1d 19h High Bid:$360 Bidders:49 Time Left:1d 19h High Bid:$380 Bidders:46 Time Left:1d 19h High Bid:$600 Bidders:105 Time Left:1d 19h High Bid:$898 Bidders:109 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$2,200 Bidders:148 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$19,100 Bidders:90 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$676 Bidders:8 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$69 Bidders:170 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$55,001 Bidders:90 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$1,910 Bidders:46 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$212 Bidders:92 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$1,350 Bidders:29 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$70 Bidders:136 Time Left:1d 21h High Bid:$1,501 Bidders:72 Time Left:2d 19h High Bid:$500 Bidders:48 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$71 Bidders:116 Time Left:2d 21h High Bid:$200

Recap Quick Overview

Domain Sold Price Sold Date Sold At $205 (29 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $601 (62 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $630 (19 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $305 (19 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 1,475 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $831 (50 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 1,495 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $811 (65 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 1,255 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $745 (59 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 1,425 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $570 (17 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $215 (24 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $205(19bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $415 (28 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 901 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 2,358 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $68 (9 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 1,525 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $151 (30 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy $1,136 (27 Bids) 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 280 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 590 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 261 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 336 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 205 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 215 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy 156 USD 12/5/2015 GoDaddy


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