Auction Recap, 7th of February 2016

Feb 08 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 7th of February

Anyone else having any trouble with Godaddy? I’ve been having trouble with the all kinds of things for weeks now. I told them about the mobile links to auctions never going to the right auction and it seems to be fixed. Now every day the bulk checker gets an error, Names that I know are available show  up as taken.  On the regular front page I’ll put a domain in the search bar, it’ll say that its available, when I go  to select the domain it tells me it’s not available. I’m not sure what’s going on, I have to reload the page and type it in again.

In the domain management section,  I can’t remove preset profiles from any domains. I have to move them to a new profile, the remove profile button is grey and doesn’t work. There’s also no bulk transfer button anymore. I’ve let my account rep know all of these things, several times, but the issues keep coming. dsad auciton recap feb 7th meme

I like Godaddy, I get the best rates and customer service is always there when I need it, but please fix these recurring problems.

Auction Quick Recap

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on none listed  Slavic for Katherine.  Its the reason there are 58 million results.  25 bidders

4,039 USD are there even 58 Million Slavic speaking people? 17 years old and no bidders at $12.  I can’t see why this wouldn’t be a great costume name

432 USD That price shot up, I had to sort through the negatives and translated it to “I can see why this would be a great costume name.” Or a site that gives out virtual candy, it’s cheaper and has less calories. It also doesn’t make kids hyper, it’s perfect.  Because is going to be very expensive. In our green industry we put the word plant on the end to save money and to differentiate from brands that are plant sites.  #greentip

656 USD You could also put plant on the end of other words to make cheaper domain alternatives. I just checked and it’s taken…, 521 USD Hyper, 340 USD Village, 1400 USD Is that price from VR at the end?, 406 USD   365 USD

A nice list of the bottom boats of the world

These boats don’t look that bad anymore.  Getting 100% more value because of DVD.   Maybe its HD, could be HD

2,800 USD That’s High Definition Venereal Disease, I wouldn’t pay 2800 for that.   Going to go a little higher because everyone sees “Began”

2041 USD  Or those dog treats, Bgan strips, dogs love em.  No bidders.  This doesn’t sound like its going to end well

You probably shouldn’t make a website about this, It’ll never stay secret on the internet.  If you buy both of these you have greatly increased your chances of a visit from the FBI.  But could be a cereal

Looks like an upgrade for  Hitting 4 figures.  I admit, some times I don’t know why some names do or don’t hit certain prices.  Always learning

1000 USD  U Can Retire today   A great 4 number dot com….with a zero in front of it

1,488 USD  I am going to try and buy this one.  Shows you how much I like it

1,136 USD It does look nice.   Three letter dot biz are still going strong

? 215 USD

and   262 USD

Two nice additions to your middle quality 6N portfolio.  You don’t have a middle quality portfolio?

Of course  I actually really like this dot net. Good end user potential

255 USD Would  555 great but the 4 takes a little of the shine

it’ll come around, still a good pattern  The repeating letters and numbers are what you should be chasing if you’re buying these IMO

165 USD,,,,   A lot of people think these types of are going to be the best ROI of all the 6N

? didn’t make it to $100  There have been some movements of people selling non perfect fruits and vegetables at a reduced cost.  Its been a big hit.  Good name for that.  One bid at $12

226 USD and are available for hand reg.  Very nice repeater.  One of the best patterns you can buy right now.  Second only to AABB

6 days left  Like this one.  Has a reserve so its scared off the bidders.  The best pattern you can buy

1 Day Left

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Good for under $1o0 .  Probably won’t stay that price

Unsold Obviously has value for the next 9 months

Unsold  Big keyword and the org actually makes it seem safer

Unsold  A nice name for today virtual reality investors

800 USD Is there a .VR that would be the next ccTld to invest in.   Nice name for the tech startup crowd.  The people that are using the dot io tld

205 USD  I think I like better.  Seems to flow right into the extension.


NameJet Results $3,350 2/6/2016 $3,350 2/6/2016 $3,430 2/6/2016 $986 2/6/2016

  Recap Quick Overview

katja.com4,039 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
ehalloween.com432 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
aloeplant.com656 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
hper.com521 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
vypd.com340 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
smvr.com1400 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
vufx.com406 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
vefx.com365 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
hdvd.com2,800 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
bgan.com2041 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
ucrt.com1000 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
01965.com1,488 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
898877.com1,136 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
153557.com215 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
861955.com262 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
wtws.net255 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
77hj.com165 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
uglyproduce.com226 USD02/06/16GoDaddy
virtualplaces.com800 USD02/07/16Sedo
Internships.io205 USD02/06/

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales.

None Listed

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  1. Travis M.

    I see a lot of the same issues at GoDaddy. It’s pretty frustrating. I’ve decided I’m going to write my own interface using their API so I don’t have to deal with their auction site anymore. I’m tired of having to search twice for a name to actually find it. It really annoys me that single sign on hardly ever works between their main site and the auction site. The list goes on…

    1. Post author
      Josh E

      Travis, It gives me Chest Pain. I don’t even try using the auction search. I just want an available domain to show up as available. They saved lots of money not running super bowel ads. Hopefully they hire some more engineers with the money.

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