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Auction Recap, 7th of January 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 7th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,152.57

Auction Quick Recap

Flying out Tomorrow night and get into Vegas around 23:00. I needed a vacation anyway so I’ll be relaxing somewhere around the Trop before the conference starts. I hope everyone going has a safe journey, see you there. Have a good night.  19 years old. Perfect for our industry.  Under $100 at press time

314 USD I hope someone builds it into something awesome.  18 years old.   In some cases this is good in others it’s bad

1,513 USD, maybe kids eat free, or vacation getaway for adults. Or really cheap adoptions.   Speaking of letto, the Powerball is at $400 million.  Sorry… lotto, got it. 17 years old.

? Did the indonesian pop band Letto buy this? Never heard of them  LLL.nets are a good investment IMO.  No longer stagnant

1,127 USD Q with a pinyin syllable  17 years old.    The age gives it a little more value to some people

238 USD    16 years old.  I’ve spent $100 on a lot of worse things

1,009 USD  8any letter any letter  is worth good money

3,265 USD Donner Party Ghost Domain   Pretty much all pronounceable (real not made up words) are worth at least $250 IMO

786 USD Hey Cat lovers, get yourself a Pima, miniature pumas  I know the form of the verb.  Just don’t know what I would do with it.  Doesn’t matter, getting lots of bids

5,998 USD I think it’s a good social media, communication brand. Give a shout out to your friends.   When I read this I get nervous on what I have to do.  But millions want to know more

258 USD fast cash, cash fast, I’d try and sell it a race betting company. You’re earning Fast Cash, cash the travels at a rate quicker than  normal cash, not necessarily earning fast.  Ok it’s a stretch  This should be a site for Designers.  Everyone single one thinks they can make a better logo. No bidders

205 USD This is for the middle quality logo makers that know they’re mediocre, but they’re cheaper than the best logos.   13 years old.  Nice

207 USD Can’t Jump 85 feet. It has meaning. 12 years old.   H for holdingsemeh electronic shrug

750 USD electronic Shrug E Meh, whatever.     A  That’s enough

1,127 USD   I’m not scared of V as long as its at the beginning or has an R behind it

380 USD I try not to let V scare me either, I try not to put it on a pedestal.   Another nice Except that it has 6 numbers

236 USD Good solid 11 and 55  I really want a few 888 numerics but the prices.  I can buy a nice 2008 Honda Civic for the same price

10,099 USD Would you look at that, seriously look at it. Look at it!  The repeating 3s are gold Jerry.  And the 4 gives you a coupon code price. Good value here

446 USD, This fall into Flips gone horribly wrong. Sold for over $967 December 16th. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Even after 2 weeks in a bull market the price would have to climb over 20% to make any money. The market while subjective with numbers in auctions is down from post buyout frenzy. Either he sees the bubble bursting and was trying salvage some money or… yeah no idea what the thought process was.

The Price  this time around wasn’t listed anywhere, luckily I just paid Godaddy $446 so I had an idea what the result was.  Which brings me to the next question. Why would bidder 3 slowly bid every couple of minutes to extend the time while never overtaking the leader? It’s not really sniping if you’re not moving ahead. If you really wanted the name wouldn’t you want to get in the lead as the clock ticked down, to avoid and other bidders from taking notice? They would have had me too, I put my max price in and went on a call with 5 minutes left, I was at work.

It made think there was shill bidding going on. The name wasn’t even to half the sale price from 2 weeks ago when the runner up bidder kept extending the time. I think the price went from $250 to the final price with the runner up bidding after the 5 min mark to add time back on the clock. I want the IP addresses of the runner up and the owner checked Goddaddy, maybe a DNA comparison.

Here are a few of the other numerics me likes today 445 USD 3,553 USD 420 USD  Because I now some of you like these

?  Nice Western premium.  The O gives you a discount.  You should thank it

No results listed anywhere, O.J. Not Simpson. This is the domain for anyone name OJ that still has to deal with Slow Speed Chase Jokes and Gloves not fitting right.  Another nice  I am acquiring.  With a total of zero so far.  I have no where to go but up

101 USD  One more for good luck

101 USD

You dawg I heard you like  Here you go, ?, 101 USD ?

Apparently $101 was the magic number

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   The only 7Ns I even consider have lots of 8s in them.  This one has lots of them.  At $1

8 days left   Triple repeating.  Not quite the quality of the similar pattern in dot com coming up below. But a nice memorable name

Reserve not met 4 hours to go   A nice CHiP.  Nice to see these newer domain investors getting $2K for names.  People making money in domain investing is good for everyone.  They will reinvest the money into more domains

Unsold   Just listed. It’s hard not to see all the commercials discussing this growing or non growing problem. At $1 and no reserve.

28 Days left  Good year to sell this one

Ends soon, reserve not met at $1000, sometime I hate reserves. They’re anticlimactic .    Very nice name real estate name. Great buildout possibilities

Ends in 6 hours, RNM   Repeating Ks bring it over $2K.  Has another $4-500 to go IMO

2150 USD


NameJet Results $4,100 1/6/2016 $3,200 1/6/2016 $3,110 1/6/2016 $55,000 1/6/2016 $149 1/6/2016 $18,800 1/6/2016 $141 1/6/2016 $3,000 1/6/2016 $912 1/6/2016 $4,200 1/6/2016 $69 1/6/2016 $3,500 1/6/2016 $466 1/6/2016 $760 1/6/2016 $5,800 1/6/2016


NameJet Action Time Left:14h 48m High Bid:$2,200 Time Left:15h 24m High Bid:$25,000 Time Left:15h 43m High Bid:$100 Time Left:15h 45m High Bid:$69 Time Left:15h 49m High Bid:$122 Time Left:15h 51m High Bid:$79 Time Left:15h 52m High Bid:$385

Recap Quick Overview

dtrader.com314 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
childfree.com1,513 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
qlo.net1,127 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
ntrs.net238 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
formy.com1,009 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
8us.com3,265 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
pimas.com786 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
yells.com5,998 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
earnfastcash.com258 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
betterlogo.com205 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
cj85.com207 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
emeh.com750 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
76092.com1,127 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
vhtp.com380 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
112556.com236 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
888527.com10,099 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
154333.com446 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
663386.com445 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
323456.com3,553 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
015588.com420 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
d687.com101 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
897k.com101 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
wct.me101 USD01/06/16GoDaddy
KNKM.com2150 USD01/06/16sedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,300.00 1/7/2016 Flippa $2,320.00 1/7/2016 NameJet $2,100.00 1/7/2016 GoDaddy $2,247.00 1/7/2016 GoDaddy $2,150.00 1/6/2016 Sedo $2,600.00 1/6/2016 NameJet $2,351.00 1/6/2016 Sedo
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5 Replies to “Auction Recap, 7th of January 2016”

  1. All I can say is that I have seen the same thing on Godaddy. You will notice that MANY domains will end up with a $10.00 bid with 1 bidder. Just look at the expired auctions.

    In my opinion these are ALL domains that Godaddy’s staff think will sell well and are monitoring.

    I have also found domains within the thousands of domains that are dropped all the time that I find to have value like a 1 word .com that was amazing that nobody else saw. Only to be watching the domain hoping to snipe it at the last second.

    What happened next was amazing. The price dropped from 12 to 10 bucks with 1 bidder with a couple minutes left . I then added a bid say 55 dollars and then when the clock reached about 30 seconds the bid would go up 10 bucks at a time until it reached my bid. I then upped the bid to 100 and then ended up paying around 150 for the domain name and I was fighting bidder 1 the whole time who was adding 10 bucks every time the clock hit 30 seconds which boosted the time to 5 minutes.

    Granted I would not of cared about the domain except for the fact that I wanted the domain for a project.

    I have noticed several times this happening and if I stop bidding after 2 tries I don’t get the domain and it literally sells just above what bid and If i do it three times then they stop bidding right under the number I placed last.

    Conspiracy? Coincidence? I am not sure but I have lost faith in their auctions.

    With the numerical you mentioned more than likely the buyer backed out of the domain and it ended up back on the market. I have seen that as well.

    Here are issues I see. Godaddy has an overwhelming amount of domains droppping or being sold. It’s GREAT when your a buyer since there is alot of value that is missed. Their auction system as a seller is terrible.

    The other issue is sites like estibot base their pricing on only expired auction pricing now. So the prices showing now are pretty much wholesale and is completely unreliable. Godaddy auctions that are not expired don’t report on estibot or namebio. I know this recently from sales well over 100 dollars that don’t report and or domains I have purchased don’t show up either.

    Back to Godaddy, my suspicion is that they added an algorithm to the mix and make sure quality domains don’t fall into closeouts. Check closeouts and you will see nothing good ever drops in there anymore by accident.

    This is all just an opinion and observation. Godaddy used to be a goldmine for sniping and finding value since they have SO much value that drops and gets missed by the sheer number of domains they have on sale all the time. Value used to get missed.

    Granted this only happens part of the time, far and few in between but has happened enough times to cause suspicion on my end.

    1. Dave,

      This one was a public auction, I check the Whois and it seemed legit, but there is definately some strange things going on.

      The other day I received an email from GD Auctions saying that I was the runner up on an expired auction. It said that I could purchase that domains for a certain price within 24 hours because the winning bidder did not pay.

      When I went into my auctions account to buy them they weren’t there. I contacted my rep who said that they weren’t listed for sale for some reason.

      The next day Auctions contacted me and apologized for the email glitch.

      I see 2 possibilities. They just decided to add the names to their ever increasing portfolio. Or on the deeper conspiracy theory level they drove the price up thinking I would raise my bid, when I didn’t they resorted to “hey the first guy didn’t pay now you can” but then changed their minds.

      What also doesn’t make sense is the time structure. I had several auctions in the last few months where the buyer did not pay. It took about 45 days for GD auctions to let me know that the auction was cancelled. No offer to the second bidder? or third? 45 days? The auction I’m referring to was only over for 72 hours. That’s probably because it was an expired auction with time constraints, but still don’t I have time constraints too? My domains were tied up in failed auctions for a month and a half.

      The new auctions price structure makes it worthless to list lower end domains. I wish they would change their policy back. Why the hell would I list anything at $20 without a reserve when I have to pay $15 minimum? Then I have to pay extra for the reserve.

  2. Quote – “suspicions about shill bidding at GoDaddy”

    Maybe, Halvarez (Brady) now works at Godaddy ? ? ?

  3. I place a bid for say $1000 for a domain i like and it at $187 with an hour to go, i pop out to the shops and come back and see an email that i have won the domain, then check that i won it at $1000, i look at the bidding and see $197,$297,$397,$497,$597,$697,$797,$897, and $997…

    This has happened loads of times so i decided to drop mine down to say $996 and then i see a culprit…Huge Domains, i rest my case.

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