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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 8th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

This is the best business in the world isn’t it? Where else can you find people opposed to what you’re doing inadvertently help make you money just by what they say?

As far a RNLPQ, thank you. Now I can get 3 of 5 RSTLN most used English letters at a discount.  

Does anyone really think that the Chinese who have bought millions of 5L and 7N .com’s not to mention the majority of NGTLD’s, have lost faith in the’s. I’ll tell you what’s happening, just my opinion of course, Opportunity and ROI. I did the same thing a couple of months ago, I sold a lot of my Chips and recently 4 more, not because I thought they were crashing, but because of opportunity and ROI. Since then, I’ve bought other “speculative stuff” and  I’ve sold certain strings for 25 times my investment, others for 3-6 times. It was riskier I guess, some might say it’s the same level of risk, but it was all about cash equity. That’s the backbone of “liquid” domains right? I can hold them until I need cash and liquidate them.

I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time, it’s just that I see the exact same thing I did, unfolding in front of me. At 25 times return I would have sold all the chips for 50% of value. If I didn’t have any cash,  and thought that the price of another asset was going to go up 5-10 times in the next couple of months, you bet I’d move whatever was selling for the cash.

The other angle is this: If this is what’s happening and I don’t know what the other big thing is or don’t care to speculate, it’s a great time to scoop up the 4L chips. Like I said, there is no f-ing way that the chinese investor who’s buying’s thinks that 4L’s are going down long term, because they wouldn’t be buying the5L’s.

And there’s no hype or promotion here, like I said I sold most of mine to buy “crazier” things. One more thing, we focus on this past fall because it was nuts, but all the 4L’s that I bought 2 years ago for peanuts have been steadily rising for the past year. The spike came out of the blue, but the value was creeping up for months and months.

And If one more person says “Well I just can’t see what they would use those stupid random letters or numbers for anyway, I’m from ‘Merica and they don’t mean anything to me,  I knew this was a scam from the start.” …. lol 🙂


Also the wire from came through. So I do recommend or escrow services.=

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,057.73

One day left on $200 $200 and some nice’s  If you look, this is exactly the type of name the Chinese are building out.  Words they use from English like Big, Happy, Fun with the 88 at the end

? I love China88 when I’m at work, I usually get the General Tso’s.   This is going to do well.  Chinese LOVE the X

?  Was a company and good enough name to be another one

203 USD, Looks like it went to an expired auction last year at this time. They used to be the exact same day different year, now they’re all out of whack. Thanks a lot Leap Year.   Almost every home has to do it every fall. And many pay for the service.  And trust me I know, I get paid to do it

? 205 in Feb    If the has a V I like it to be at the front.  Works best in an acronym there.  The other letters are solid

304 USD  VHS Gaming, retro.  19 years old.  Only three bidders at $22

1,025 USD Find a buddy and build a web. Most boring company name ever. But it has bids

191 USD, Ahh but it could be awesome for something random. Everyone would remember it eventually. “Where did you get that awesome coffee mug?”  Oh, this old thing,? Got it on, they sell custom coffee mugs.  17 years old.  One bidder at $12

266 USD This is a sign, just write down the auction results and stop trying to be   Since many of you domainers haven’t seen a girl naked I’ll explain.  Some times the private parts of a girl get a little banged up during childbirth so they opt to have it corrected.  #prettykitty

? Lol, One of my favorite Domain right ups. “ get a little banged up”   I live a few blocks from part of it.  88,000 backlinks and a 100 free visits a month.  Looked it up and actually it was our town’s library system url until it became part of another system.   I guess it was meant to be mine

110 USD, Do you run on this trail? 1125 USD  Uh oh look out, The Chinese have abandoned Chips for these.,  416 USD, 296 USD, 685 USD  “I’ll take a bowl of that”   Here’s your free slogan

Still available as a closeout… I will pass on the Chowder, it’s too salty.   Will be interesting to see how the CHiPs hold up over the next few weeks. A lot of people calling for a collapse…………again

1903 USD, I’m just thinking of all the good deals. I’d like to restock.   Don’t like it but can’t ignore the price and the bids

810 USD, 186 USD, Well, well, well, what do we have here? A bastard letter right in the middle of this used to be Chip. I have taken the liberty of renaming RNLPQ “Bastard” letters. It’s not derogatory it’s descriptive. So these are Bastard Chips., 186 USD Nice Chip ending in a Bastard P., 191 USD Uh oh, 123.WTF?! A Triple bastard Chip and it’s higher than the next name., 186 USD I’m so confused now., 186 USD, 186 USD, 205 USD Another Triple Bastard. All this is, is an attempt to undermine the WHIP., 186 USD A Nice Double Bastard Chip right here.

The have been getting crushed.  They will finish higher but not that long ago these were always at $200 when I would make my post each night for the next day.   These things are so volatile they are great for making money  Only double.  Its a rule for these.   My rule only, buy what you like

?   The Z saves you $800K

?   I tried to buy 3 CHiP yesterday .  Bid $1005 on all of them.  Only won two of the auctions and of those, one got renewed one hour after I won.   Getting tough to find

129 USD Were they real Chips? Or Bastard Chips? pretty much have no value at this point but there are people starting to speculate at this price thinking they may catch a wave

105 USD. So I actually think they have value, to end users. I sold one to an end user once, just once.   Good cat name

181 USD, Is this supposed to be a place you take your cat to scratch?  Very nice pattern   These were going for $300 at one point

104 USD    Fantastic and then came the V

316 USD Still kinda Fantastic at $300  You know their is some CrossFit lunk that would love to have this

?, It’s all business, no laughing, you can’t even smile. Just grunting and shouting.,,,,  I think these are going up.  My opinion only and if you buy them I can guarantee they go down and you will lose all your money.  The you’ll be forced to take a job helping Adam Dicker move his stuff into his new tiny house.

? It doesn’t pay anything, but you get to build fake businesses together. It’s really not that hard to make a fake business, most of the work is outsource to Nepal.,,    You can’t them much cheaper than this price

?  Only one bidder at $12

?  One bidder at $650

?  Wow have these risen in price


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  These have really jumped in price lately.  I almost bought a bunch of these but just didn’t pull the trigger in time. Costs me a few thousand

Unsold at $495  The perfect dot io name IMO.  You want to have a brand and Thunder is a great brand

Unsold at $850  15 years old and nice and short.  Those types are catching on

Unsold at $3150



  Recap Quick Overview

twny.net191 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
lcjc.net196 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
dnwr.net191 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
jhew.com334 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
vgsn.com365 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
aekx.com315 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
adyj.com352 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
acvx.com306 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
w7p.com830 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
diapo.com799 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
ndk.co700 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
visitmarshallislands.com3,282 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
blockstack.com999 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
003355.com2,225 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
171858.com250 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
66226.net377 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
88966.cc345 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
zrx.biz301 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
4499.co352 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
4477.co267 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
shapevine.com217 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
116006.com138 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
b0x.com1,050 USD03/06/16Flippa
fhx.cc2,325 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
cooltee.com255 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
virtualpeople.com2,303 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
kemia.com851 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
dnaclothing.com1,500 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
kof.net1,580 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
footballpictures.com522 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
dnmax.com206 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
gdbq.com1825 USD03/05/16GoDaddy
zheu.com770 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
jrib.com510 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
loomia.com1,186 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
lzc.co741 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
skh.co712 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
prw.co910 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
cgqw.com1806 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
thisiswhyimfat.com210 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
506080.com108 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
dealcrusher.com150 USD03/06/16GoDaddy
onewayticket.com2150 USD03/06/16Sedo
typenote.com505 USD03/06/16flippa
berniesingles.com5150 USD03/06/16flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,850.00 3/7/2016 NameJet $1,989.00 3/7/2016 NameJet $1,989.00 3/7/2016 NameJet $1,660.00 3/7/2016 NameJet $1,700.00 3/7/2016 NameJet $1,989.00 3/7/2016 NameJet $2,000.00 3/7/2016 NameJet $2,201.00 3/7/2016 NameJet $1,903.00 3/7/2016 GoDaddy $2,001.00 3/7/2016 Sedo $3,353.00 3/7/2016 GoDaddy
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2 Replies to “AUCTION RECAP, 8th of March 2016”

  1. “it’s a great time to scoop up the 4L chips.”
    “there is no f-ing way that the chinese investor who’s buying’s thinks that 4L’s are going down long term, because they wouldn’t be buying the5L’s. ”

    2 very astute points. I agree with you.

    I believe the professional Chinese domainers are doing their best to suppress the fanning of the fire we saw last year while they continue to buy all of the premium domains they can acquire at lower cost.
    We also see the professional (non-Chinese) domainers who usually buy low and sell high continue to buy daily.

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