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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 8th of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

I hope everyone had a pleasant Mothers day and all the mothers out there felt loved and appreciated.  We had nice weather, around 70 with a nice breeze. My daughter and I went to my parents house and got some batting practice in with her new hello kitty bat, Grandma participated.  Have a great week everyone.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,311.00   I’m excited just thinking of the possibilities

390 USD What could it be? Maybe something you don’t even want. People just like winning something.    Good for a fruit tree, bad in porn

455 USD  I’m not sure what the fruit tree reference is.    Too many different fruits to graft on one tree, crowded in porn

459 USD  Depends what kind of fruit and porn you’re looking for.   Not that many different fruit trees,   and I’ll leave the other alone, I’ve said enough

485 USD Sounds like we’ve explored them.  at four figures

15,250 USD Nice name, could be lots of things. Makes me think of luxury cars.  Also for figures. All VR are four figures now

1,059 USD Millions and millions of virtual reality companies popping up everywhere apparently.   sorry, bad placement on this one.  14 years old.  The domain name.  Geez

? Ah the dancing beaver, not many beavers around  these days. They’ve been shaved nearly into extinction with the proliferation of advanced razor technology and the decreased demand for their pelts. Poor little non-green critters, cutting down all those trees.   Would have been a big name in 2000 when this was registered. No bidders

? A new brand campaign for metamucil?  Not too many on the board today.

255 USD  Kansas Junior Zipline Academy.  Love this one at this price.    But I like grape anything

155 USD If you missed this one, is available. I took me a few tries to find an available grape name. are holding on to some value.  I am still a fan of .cc

620 USD  Kentucky Red Lama’s,   One bidder at $12.   Everyone loves Festivals

651 USD Community College festival  Seems to be one in every city

304 USD Damn elitists and their hair  Did you know the word Bling was invented/coined by Lil Wayne, aka Lil Weezy aka Jr. Birman?   he he Truffle Butter

165 USD I don’t know what any of that means.   The 7N with great patterns are still getting bids.  Occasionally they sneak through

250 USD Yes they do.  I don’t put many but this one I like because of the pattern

?  Same here

?    Cool looking name.  That’s all I got

Unsold   One of the best dot io you can own.

3850 USD Sold for twice as much last time.


  Recap Quick Overview

winsomething.com390 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
6n1.com455 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
7n1.com459 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
9n1.com485 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
everyoption.com15,250 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
vrof.com1,059 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
kjza.com255 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
grapely.com155 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
krl.cc620 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
fest.cc651 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
elitehairsalon.com304 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
hairbling.com165 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
5657888.com250 USD05/07/16GoDaddy
Movie.io3850 USD05/07/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,311.00 5/8/2016 NameJet
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