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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 9th of December

Quick Recap 

Yesterdays’s 4L Chip Average $2,408.38 as per 


One of my wife’s cats got out yesterday. If you know any “cat people” you know what a crisis this can be, and by cat people I don’t mean you have 1 cat or like kittens. I’m talking about anyone that would sell a kidney to buy their cats favorite food, or anyone that would have to stop and think about grabbing the baby or the cat if the house was on fire.


We almost had to call the cat tracking dog again, which is actually freaking awesome. We used this dog a couple of years ago, it tracked a lost cat 4 days after it was lost. It found the cat in a crawl space in a random house in our neighborhood, and it only took him 15 minutes once he had the scent. If you ever lose a cat, look for a cat tracking dog.

Here’s the auction results from yesterday. Have a great day. Wow! price is amazing.  Would love to be on the sell side of this one

163,000 USD, yeah wow 18 years old.  Only one bidder at $12 and last time I checked they still have bikes in Canada

687 USD, Seems like it’d be really cold right now. I like better  The 4 holds it back. Otherwise it would be at $1500.  These CCC.coms are flying right now

876 USD, It always seems odd to me that the most popular domain auction platform in China is I think we disregard the 4 too often. Sure it didn’t make $1500, but almost $900 seems pretty good for something “everyone” avoids.  The zip for Anaheim California but now worth more as just a straight up

2,025 USD, has a Zero, So what. Worth at least 10x from a year ago.  12 years old. Great letters.  The kind that I think should be bought if this is going to be your angle. Opinion only

206 USD. I like multi purpose domains  I love this one.  But damn! way out of my league.  I guess it could be in my league but then I couldn’t join many other leagues

13,916 USD, wow, thank you pattern  Similar type name but different meaning and a dot net.  Reduces the price by $16k and some change

216 USD  No bids.  Not sure what the playstick is going to be but I’m pretty excited

820 USD, I like the name, Lots of trees out there dropping sticks. I should have bought this name so I could sell them. Great letters, great  Great .  Did I say great enough?

2,125 USD Great letters is only 2K right now, It’ll go up  Take off the S and you have a mid six figure name.  With the S it’s currently a 3 figure name

1,036 USD Don’t really like it, I can’t easily think of a sentence to naturally place it in. Fire Prevention, Crime Prevention, never preventions, no s is basically a universal plural.   I feel like I’ve listed almost every over the last 5 weeks.  And there’s only 100,000 of these.  If gets hotter this list could be 3 pages

760 USD   2013 registration. Nice return in 2 years

1,124 USD broke 1k, nice work death. Could be used as a funeral home website.   I think this is a great brand.  Especially for under $100.

716 USD. I just checked there’s a lot of digital monsters registered, but I found these available,,,  I have bid $100 on the triple repeating 10 times or more in the last month.  0 for 10.  Even the racist group can’t stop this one

150 USD  May be the last chance to pick up 6N.coms cheap.  One million names is a lot to swallow but they are being put away each day

200 USD, I think we’ve leveled off and are going up. I hope so anyway. One more since you’re buying

190 USD The NY for New York alone makes it worth looking at if the price is cheap enough

163 USD  Because you know its going to get purchased.  Just wonder how much someone is going to pay for it

511 USD, and the 8’s at the end carry it.  Up for auction later in the week.  Going to be a great comp for owners

auction recap meme, no auction snipers

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

.  I don’t usually like “odd” forms of words but I do like this one.  And no its not really that odd. I thoroughly checked the dictionary and it was in it

3600 USD   Again, I am not a big fan of hacks but I have to admit this is a nice short, meaningful domain.  And I agree that people are learning that there is more than .com to the right of the dot

Current Price $3800 Ends today   A Flippa CHiP.  They have been keeping up with the rest of the aftermarket auction houses in this area

1851 USD  Has already met reserve and it wasn’t low

Ends Tomorrow vs.   One of these is at double the price.  Can you guess which one

Ends Tomorrow   Nice Western and Chinese premium.  Reserve met, ends today

2200 USD, East coast radio Call sign, ends in Wang.

Name Jet Results

Reserve Not Met 12/8/2015

Reserve Not Met 12/8/2015

$4,000 12/8/2015

$410 12/8/2015

Reserve Not Met 12/8/2015

$2,450 12/8/2015

Reserve Not Met 12/8/2015

$27,577 12/8/2015

$4,110 12/8/2015

Reserve Not Met 12/8/2015

$3,200 12/8/2015

$2,200 12/8/2015

$2,400 12/8/2015

$663 12/8/2015

Recap Quick Overview

Preventions.com1,036 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
42912.com1,124 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
62623.com13,916 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
KKKZY.com150 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
BDNY.net163 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
HFH.com163,000 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
BHTX.com1851 USD12/08/15Flippa
996239.com190 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
92806.com2,025 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
NTBN.com2,125 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
996283.com200 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
NMTS.net206 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
19195.net216 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
WGLW.com2200 USD12/08/15Sedo
Thoroughly.com3600 USD12/08/15Flippa
6626888.com511 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
BikeCanada.com687 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
DigitalMonster.com716 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
97945.com760 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
Playstick.com820 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
4LC.com876 USD12/08/15GoDaddy
Ho.lyEnds TodayFlippa
canan.comReserve Not Met12/08/15NameJet
momentofsilence.comReserve Not Met12/08/15NameJet$4,000.0012/08/15NameJet$410.0012/08/15NameJet
trm.comReserve Not Met12/08/15NameJet$2,450.0012/08/15NameJet
11inches.comReserve Not Met12/08/15NameJet$27,577.0012/08/15NameJet$4,110.0012/08/15NameJet
buyshares.comReserve Not Met12/08/15NameJet$3,200.0012/08/15NameJet$2,200.0012/08/15NameJet$2,400.0012/08/15NameJet$663.0012/08/15NameJet

Yesterday Reported 4L Chip sales. $5,600.00 12/8/2015 Sedo $2,482.00 12/8/2015 Sedo $2,450.00 12/8/2015 NameJet $2,270.00 12/8/2015 DropCatch $2,225.00 12/8/2015 Sedo $2,200.00 12/8/2015 Sedo $2,150.00 12/8/2015 Sedo $2,125.00 12/8/2015 GoDaddy $2,061.00 12/8/2015 Sedo $2,051.00 12/8/2015 Sedo $1,930.00 12/8/2015 Sedo $1,915.00 12/8/2015 4.CN $1,850.00 12/8/2015 Sedo
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    1. Yeah, seriously it was cool. There are dogs that’ll track anything, each one has its own niche I think. This one was a yellow lab and only finds cats, the handler had another dog that tracks lost dogs.

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