Jul 17 2016

A look at the final prices from the auction list posted on July 16, 2016.

Main List

No Bids at research time I think it’s a real word Sounds like a book or tv series  The social media solution for the opposite of like  I think there’s a life size Noah’s ark that you can tour somewhere. Make fake content with this site An epic story read to you on your iphone Buy and sell cars with this misspelling The site that lets you buy the model you want  The halloween site for the best haunted places  I like it if your business is selling bikes  Highlight and track security breaches, either with the government or personal information  Get’s rid of pests, or unwanted plants Draw a picture of your favorite book?  The authority site on pysching out the other team. Rattle them before the game Learn to create classes for anything, or classes for building things  Basically a robot  The hacker challenge site, see if they can hack you  Fancy way to say dog  Could go a couple of ways here, lets just do stealing cats  Something that’s not that far away Don’t know what you control with these buttons, but if you have them keep them close  Sex in a meat locker  Learn to make crafts Just like build classes SEO just for you  Make sure all your links go somewhere  A large animal full of savings Specifications for your home defense system Lawn mowers made of gold The alarm that goes off when your blood glucose level is out of whack  Learn to keep yourself healthy  Probably not many end users, but would work for someone that has a rehab for dolphins  Just like domain Shane, buy it and sell in to Cyger  Learn tips and tricks for earning A social media type name  All vacations should be stress free escape vacations. Don’t go on a stress filled vacation, they suck  The patch that lasts forever and never leaks  Every midnight I’m still awake. When you want to take care to the next level  Don’t know what these guys do, but they’re damn quick
$293 Make your own spoof movie  The places you end up when it’s your time to go The part of anybusiness that comes up with the cash Hunting Selfie sticks I assume  The drinking name that says “I’m not gonna take your crap anymore liver”  A great big wave of fun  The face people make when they get really mad, sometimes it’s funny  Where people go to lose money Learning help for really tall people  Makes me think of retirement planning Learn the rules of being greedy A taco made with tzatziki a critical resource that’s monitored closely in many places I think of a kids learning or nutrition site  Clothing for the gym or workout sessions that make you really sweat High Definition Hair style Not quite your type, but half way there probably a few coffee shops around Harvard  Ahh the name for your soulmate  The name you refer crazy excitable people to  A service that does things outside in Houston   great big, belly rattling laughter  Do you have the right experience for the job  Find the information you need  An exterminator name  Really good quality or video of awesome things  Make the things you do intentional  I bought a million Iraqi Dinars for around $700, in 2004. I have no idea what they’re worth or where they are
$116 It makes me think of employment where all of your gear is issued, this site would have the best gear to be issued. frightening internet Solar’s still hot  4 words but only 4 syllables The site that helps you save money by reducing the amount of people you pay A site for your kids to do productive things while on summer vacation Lot’s of music festivals around sell bike locks The service that helps you get and plan for all the stuff you need to operate This is the site where you show the world how much your husband sucks. The site that finds you the best interest rate for your next credit card or loan Could be virtual, or may involve water vapor, Could be a good vaping name Build, create, now make classes, buy all 3 and cover the market How far does your mind go? The site that gives you fake references for your application We all want comfort, find it here Temp staffing agency find ways to make more money Your own nest  Graduate education or a site that helps you transfer your credits to another school
$142 The best cookie recipe out there The site for people that want to visit their childhood homes. This service arranges it. Seems like a really good name if you need something written or fixed in PHP. Travis should buy it. Keep your pores clean Solar powered souls Nothing fancy, just clothes for work or doing whatever The guy that gets you the things your need, like Radar on MASH  A service that helps you get the skills to be a pro Shane didn’t drive, He Ran There The service that gets the job done quick An affiliate or auction site A service that gives corporations a score and helps them improve a tech name Systems that recycle and reuse things  to exam or look at closely See where your site traffic is coming from The service that designs and recommends office furniture Another ” I found my soulmate” name The name for taking something in a differenet direction Nothing crazy just a simple guess non complex luck Get the nutrients you need without any fuss
$215 The bot that likes social posts for you A Solar name It’s not a fake, it’s the real deal A site for camping by yourself, or a site to find people to camp with. The people that build rockets Tiles that are so good you could use them in space The horse like animal turned astronaut The outlet store for stock parts
$213 Has a Hyphen but a bid industry  The system for develping conspiracy theories. You input the crazyiest ideas you can think of and it outputs a new theory  The complete travel package if you’re going to Japan Like a mind map for your treatment plan. It helps the patient visualize what will be happening to them Talk To You Later Girl Talk To You Later Loser Super fast pics When you don’t like of can’t stand something, Ughness
$104 The real life without the BS fake stuff It’s just the three of us  Learn how to avoid being a douche online Like photographer but with anything visual The service that takes care of anything Makes me think of adventure or riding west  The people that are designing and making new wines Get good at winning Techy name Word to your mother you will succeed it 98 and 3⁄4 percent guaranteed Find out where you’re at Your inside man that gets you the restricted information

These have Bids


I rarely have final prices for the Namejet names on the list, because they usually do not end the same day as they are posted to the list.  For now, instead of posting the list with no prices, I’ll post the top 10 Namejet sales for yesterday as listed on Namebio. $5,000 $2,010 $1,760 $1,655 $1,599 $1,229 $510 $510 $510 $500


Flippa Ends in 8 days, nice one word .info that makes sense

$200 with 7 days left  Track all of your recipes

Ended unsold at $9 Has 2 bids

Ended unsold at $35

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Your LLLL.coms of The Day


LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday


LLL’s, CCC’s, 5L’s $17 $17 $389 $48 $70 $120 $50 $12

Brandables $12

Some Numbers $242 $106 $688 $40 $12 $70 $12 $12 $12 $132 $79 $17 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $65

One Worders and Other TLD’s $250 $160 $112

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR $205

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