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Jul 17 2016

Yesterday Raymond of TLDInvestors had an article about Michael Krell of Brandbucket.  Michael is going to be on DomainSherpa on Monday but unfortunately for many of the readers, he only reviews names and doesn’t discuss any of the questions.  I had never met Michael before doing the show but its obvious he knows brandable names and knows which names can sell. He has data that nobody else has.  Maybe Michael Cyger will have a more in depth interview asking some of the questions that have come up.  The article and comments are yet again more questions of unfair advantage in our industry.  The reality is that there is certainly a division of have and have nots in this industry.  There is a ton of advantage available to many people .  Unfair might not be the correct word but undoubtedly there is advantage.  Its hard to go into detail but for 20 years there has been deals  that give the larger players first dibs, cheaper pricing, and various advantages.  But those larger players are also dumping huge amounts of cash into the entities.   I don’t think any of it is illegal but it may crush the spirits of some of the guys trying to make a living off the bottom.  The most public example would be drops.  You didn’t stand a chance in the wild west of drops back in the day and still don’t.  You’re forced to inter a pool with everyone else and then get into an auction and pay even more.

One question in the comments is about the success anyone else than Michael Krell on Brand Bucket.  Ike who is a member of DSAD has had great success at Brandbucket.  He sells several names a month.  A reminder that success isn’t always shouted from the top of the mountain.  On the contrary, many people prefer to keep success quiet because they don’t want more people to join in.  They don’t want competition.  So don’t assume that nobody is having success because you haven’t heard about it.  It may be the opposite, if you haven’t heard anything about it, its because some are killing it and don’t want anyone else to know.   Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices

NutriSpray.com Surprised there aren’t any bidders here. A spray would be so much easier than eating healthy

LifeStreams.com Generic for Periscope and Meercat

HoppyLand.com Happy land for people from the UK

NakedNakedNaked.com 15 years old. Had me at the first Naked

FantasyThoughts.com Not a bad fantasy sports name for $12

GamblersBay.com The pirate bay keeps all bay domains relevant

FoodOrDrink.com No bidders. I don’t want to have to choose but I’ll go drink

SoxSuck.com You’re probably right on Red or White

ExpertLiving.com People really like this one. To me its just Meh

Versabox.com I like this one much better. versa tile

GuideToGirls.com There are no bidders for a reason. No such thing

SimplyYummy.com No bidders and it sounds delicious

SSSX.net A triple repeater LLLL.net is still worth three figures

DFL.cc LLL.cc are still assets

Kuangzi.com Its Chinese, thus all the bids and the price

Verro.com The kind of 5L that are selling for a good price. CVCCV.com

CoffeePanda.com Nothing says coffee like a panda

Pizza.me Coming up tomorrow but worth peeking at today





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Idea.info     14 years old.  Everything starts with an idea


OOTT.com  AABB that I think has been up for sale before.  Already getting a decent price

ElectricalCompany.com    Alternative and “regular” energy in general is everywhere right now.  From Tesla to deregulation

HowToBeatSlotMachines.com   Because some people still think they can

BouncerJobs.com    The ads are full for the search term.  Chicks dig the protectors.   No bids

Backordering.com    Not sure I like the form of the verb but still very descriptive

Worried.com    A person with anxiety’s worst nightmare name

NTIH.com  DERH.com   a few nice LLLL.com   Plenty more to choose from

TradingOnline.com  Not like anyone trades in the pits anymore

Heavier.com  A name for every American

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at Catchy.com

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