AUCTION RECAP of June 2, 2016

Jun 04 2016

I ended up spending a lot of time doing some other DSAD related stuff today so I didn’t have a chance to update everything in the list from June 2nd.  If I didn’t check a section (mainly the long liquid name sections), then they have been removed from the recap.  Everything below has been checked.  Enjoy!

Shane’s Main List  For Baking or for tracking  No bidders on this open table type name   Hey everyone, I found some great customers at What a Lead.  You can hear it can’t you?    Unleashed pitbull bad.   Unleashed potential….good

$1,780    But can I get a better price by the week?

$510  This is getting an old school price

$6,756   Wine name all the way

$390    I like it as a brand for the price    Nobody likes paying $125 plus for a speeding ticket.  You’ll never have to worry about it again if you visit this site  Has hit four figures for some reason.    Looked it up.  I got nothing  and this one is twice as much and yet I still got nothing


Yiche.VIP    What the heck is going on with these prices?     I get that its a Chinese language but its spoken by 23,000 people and look at the Gtld

$1,000   The letter V and its value is all built around Venture Capital and Virtual Reality

$635   Perfect Lawn Service domain for the side of their truck

$290 If you can filter out the murderers and rapists this could be a great sitter site and   Two 6Ns that I like.

$85 and $78   Getting some good bids.  I call it take out but I follow the money and don’t ask questions

$899 and   Speaking of following the money.  These two are being followed heavily by money

$400 and $300   Billions of dollars no being invested to make your wrist smarter.   I wish I had a bigger wrist so I could see what my watch is doing  They are so much better than OnlyToGetDrunkDrinks    5Ns continue to hold strong in the last 4 weeks

$600    No bidders at $20


Ike’s JV list Seems easy if there’s only one,  The site that gives you access to personalized learning  Always remember that cat people will pay lots money for anything cat related. If you tell them this domain is going to be homeless if they don’t but it, they’ll pay you monthly just to foster it for them. The alternative retailer If you’re always sick you should probalby go to the Dr. BlackSmith Art made from Steel

$105 Buy cheap article, or high quality articles at a reduced price. That sounds better than cheap  On the road again, a travel site  Beer’s  The Germans will love the hyphen

$185  Walk in my shoes for a day and see what it’s like… “Spare me, I’ve been you lots of times” The blog for mothers  Here we go, bid on solar energy  She says a lot of things, You either get angry or never hear it in the first place Awesome oil paintings

$116 Everything you wanted to know about Bubble’s The people that buy all the soda cans you pick up on the street

$137  See ya later dude  A saying to do whatever it takes  A million small diners could use this domain

$815  Lots of cake and cupcake creators out there. Fondant cakes are pretty cool, they love to share photos of them. I think it has backlinks, who can remember with all these damn domains listed A regular pickup service, or if you have the cash you get a different car to drive everyday. Are coin names still in? Intense hard core gambling Send your business over the wall with a catapult, a subsidiary of Trebuchet Business .cc gold

$270  Sometimes you need to send the charmer in to get the deal done. is the company that specialized in charming clients. Chinesish I think No idea why the hell this is on here, there must have been a good reason when I added it.  Anyone watch Silicon Valley on HBO? It’s hillarious, CloudLad reminds me of Pied Pipper Colorado Lock Smiths I think the org works. The site that lets you find tattoo’s you like. Like Copy Cat, get it? The Iron bank of Bravos, the terms are in Valyrian. Make you’re food last for years by curing it, Or food that cures illness  Xbox, gaming, tourney’s online  Get ready to be a dad, I sure there’s several books on it. I just sort of muddle my way through.  The net works here.  Doing things during the day?

$315  Big business  Dating or stalking site 6 letters two words with bid. With the “O” it’s a place or building right? Is the domain capitol Urbana IL? Zen all wrapped up in a zip file, waiting for you to enjoy it.  Someday I wanna take an around the world Cruise.

$105  The antithesis to the just say no campaign Makes me think of rubber  duckies  It’s all about the funnel these days. the Marketing funnel traps the customer in and spits them out a tiny hole.  Take it Easy Folks, no need to riot.  The King, people love his stuff If I ran a race with Shane or Aaron I would end last, might not even finish Are you Enjoying Your Life? What exactly to Extra Terrestrials sound like?

$144 The Pinball of Arcades, you can win an extra ball or game.  Probably not a good Brand, numerous variations in a sorta word, but you get it. The confident lawyer, This is an EZ Case, just plead guilty.

$615 Delicious Fajita’s made in China

$154 General Tso’s made in China.  The first rule of Fight Club is never blog about fight club A rustic eating establishment with delicious food served by firelight.  Clean out the poop, Change the water every now and then, don’t hit it with a baseball bat. My brother destroyed a full fish tank when we were kids. He was practicing his swing while watching the Braves play. We were all Braves fans back then thanks to TBS. Hunt for the right apartment in places where they call apartments “flats” The radio company

$320 It stays up my magic

$150  This dude is all cooking  Because non funny avatars are boring  Enhance your copy

$800  Nerds talking about D&D Hacks all over the world  You could carry around a megaphone

$204 Work out a lot and then use this as your email A memorable brand for something. Don’t vouch for them unless you know them, really know them If you need money quick and don’t like banks, get a hard money loan. Probably 30% APR or somehting high  Might be fun Another Hyphen that’s not too bad

$105  Music lessons, or guitar tabs  We here at DSAD provide a Higher Caliber list than the competition.

$124  I need one of these occasionally  “Then I let the Alpine Play,  pumpin new shit by NWA, It Was Gangsta Gangsta At The Top Of The List, Then I Played My Own Shit And It Went Somethin’ Like This, Cruisin Down The Street In My Six-Fo.”  Ok that’s enough There’s always hope to beat addiction.  The safe place where you can act on all your impulses without hurting anyone 17 years  old if I remember correctly.  Crazy Crazy marketing, but it gets the job done.

$150 Not a huge fan, but it’s a big industry  I am not writing this in the nude

$157  Are you into Green?

$170  The Kid Educator  A violent game, at least I hope it’s a game Yes let’s do it

$363  Blank? at what? Tell me when  I like gigs, who doesn’t like gigs  I like pics too  the home of  Kids or Midgets with ideas  They still print these things right?

$615  Doesn’t have to be the large Franchise in Orlando and California.  On a ship? Climbing with rope? Or an 18 wheeler?  I need me a man drink now, but I made this damn list too long

$282  HA! Monkey Ass! no bids World House in Spanish I think  Paper, diaper? Buying people things to be nice doesn’t always work, You have to buy them something everytime then

$130  The robot that only does one specific thing


$120 You get 1 recipe a day, you have to eat leftovers for any other meals They confident product that you only need to buy once and it lasts forever  Sure I’ll let you study me, why not? Men who stare at goats.

$685  No one in the family has to do anything for this

$105  Products that are powered or a powerful product  Once the pranks start rolling it can escalate quickly.  If you’re gonna be proud do it loud.


$266  A color and a noun. I’m assuming it’s a golf club and nothing else.  Fishing or movie vacations.  the service that helps companies reg a domain

$156  AKA Dumpster


$127  The hidden ingredient  that  makes it awesome.

$410  I stopped counting, I’m running out of time. So I’m skipping around writing random things.


$255  My eyes and fingers are bleeding.  Ground up trees  A locket that’s not a locket?  I think my computer is melting.  If you buy this one you’re ridiculous.  Blah Blah something it’s 2 AM

$144  Will Yoga Tea wake me up or put me to sleep?

$186 Go there quick

$165    Big keyword, up and coming tld

$95   You can pretty much distill anything but alcohol and fuel come to mind first

Currently at $70 with 18 days left    People want more than a song at a Mexican restaurant.  People love to get free things on their birthday.  Give it to them

Currently at $55 with 11 days left   Dating name for a dollar

$6 – yep, $6

NameJet   The best pattern you can own.  Used to be a five figure name. Might still be  Can’t go wrong with a this strong  I wonder if there is a an affiliate program for submarine sales?  No bidders.   I know there are a million travel sites but good price to value here  No bids.   VacationFinder already built out   A lot of companies with Braun in the name.  6 bidders want to get more manly, $160,, $510,,  Some of the better LLLL.coms on the board today   Getting a little more action that the others

$1260  Its how I like to be at the grocery store.  The old ladies love to find me and ask me plant questions    We’ll see how is doing in this market

Brandables $105 $230 $303 $193 $204 $201 $111 $128 $188

Names With Traffic $390 $348 $230 $182 $430 $127 $685

Vape and Weed Names

One Worders and CCTLD’s

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