Jun 30 2016

A look at the final prices from the auction list posted on June 29, 2016. Everyone is looking for a deal. Mostly because they can’t spell bargain

$3,550 Upgrade name for quite a few places Going to be plenty of content for this site Big keyword. Big value, even in the dot cc No bidders. Pretty good brand for $12 Even the dot net LLLL with a C at the end are doing very well

$265 Football term that would make a good sports blog name. No bidders People are always looking for idea. Visual is better They continue to get great bids. The gold of the domain world. The liquid side of it at least

$355 No bidders. 9 years old. Not a bad brand for $12 A CHiP so it should end up in the $1300 range

$940 A Chinese beach

$560 Just your ordinary brand

$95 People are wishing and hoping this has value

$2,361 Its a thing, a type of vaping I’m nervous just thinking about the buildout


Just a few $230 $260

 Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

FLIPPA and SEDO   No reserve at $20.     I would think a broker in Boston wouldn’t mind paying the price of a good meal for a domain

At $205 with 1 day left   More people spell it this way than you think.  A southern spelling with 22 million Google results.

At $135 with 27 days left   At $5K at press time

Ended unsold at $8,050   Low reserve, no bids.   Soft sounding brand

No bids and 4 days left

NAMEJET  103 bidders think it’s a pretty good name

$920 getting some pretty good bids   Good WordPress theme sales site.  Doubt it will have EVERY theme

$450  Nice with an 8

$1,020    5N with a double 8 is money.  Even now.  Although not many bids     Warts and tattoos.  Things people pay good money to have taken off their skin   Not very many bids but looks like a tech name

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