AUCTION RECAP of June 5, 2016

Jun 08 2016

Take a look at these final sale prices for  If the Chinese liked them at all, these would not be selling for the same price. $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12

Ike’s Main List A great novel, magazine or awsome domain blog Is Droid copyrighted of just android? How much can you drink, a sports drink brand,

$255 I run into people everyday that take a buffet of pills everyday or several times a day. Often these people don’t have the best memories. An app that tracks all their medications and doses would be great. Probably already out there but this name works too. If you wanna start another domain blog. You can be the captain of the ship.

$125 See all the sites in California

an escort may also want this name All things digital come together at this brand

only one s in fusion though… Bots that create, or  R and D bots

terminators Find a way to get away from the desk and do something else. You’ll go blind Cyger’s course offers deeper learning  on the domain industry

$901 A fancy brand for vaping No  more cuteness will fit. We’re at the maximum cute threshhold The cube shaped cooler that stores ice cubes Where all the cool kids go that were too cool for regular school

$2,950 – good name and good price Lots of allergies that need to be tracked, especially in kids, or a forced weight loss blog Here’s a good example: if you’re on the interstate in the left fast lane and an emergency vehicle comes up behine you, pull over somewhere, preferably to the right. Do not just  stop in the damn lane, Are you that dumb?  That happened to me the other week. The care came to a complete stop in the hammer lane. Didn’t attempt to pull over or anything, just stopped. Women drivers… Pimp your ride

$180 A site that combs the internet finding good and bad blogs. I like this as a brand for something, It sounds like boom box, but it’s vox which is even better, meaning voice. Boom your voice.

$231 a valley in California

$8,429 – nice price money transfer, armed money transport, a wallet

$118 big industry has some search volume. I don’t like it, but it has a few bids and a small amount of traffic, so someone likes it


$230 Goose feathers. Look, we don’t care what you do in there, just lock the door. I need the help. This site is a lot slower than running bear, but faster than pooping bear

$158 An inspection service for building permits, a tracking system for VA’s Venture Capital you Almost a VR name, The .us works here I think. The person that studies typing.

study of types or prefigurative symbols, especially in scriptural literature The polite way to say, ” I think you’re an F’ing liar” a whole metropolis full of good advice. Sounds like Philly Be THE pool installer Help me Obi Wan you’re my only hope Lots of teen angst out there, let them get something pierced so they feel better

$181 You want this now not later. Awesome tats

$779 – oxymoron  These are the clients you want.

$165 Fun to say easy to remember. A workout site, step and move a decent brand if you’re an SEO. SEO used to be like VR, you list SEO testicles with a hyphen and it would sell. The easy way to send because selling and losing money seems like a bad strategy. learn how to climb, or hire a rope/high angle company. Industry uses them for limited access areas.

$349 a small glass for a canna Like it, the guys that go out and find you the best properties. CPR, vaccines, this covers all kinds of health topics I’m not sure how powerful you can be and still be meditating. Seems like you should be relaxed. If you want to give your tech problems a shot before calling a pro  you can play techy This is a serious name, when you want more than just a trophy. Pin’s still a hot word, relatively. A pin matrix sounds like a collage, but cooler steer your girl or a girl that’s a pilot This is what I do, I have my own little pick mania session every night.

no doubt… Thailand, live like a king for 29 cents a day. They should send all the starving kids to phuket, the ones that you can feed for 29 cents a day in africa. Wait, second thought, do not send any children to Phuket.

$188 Give your house the Shine of a new coat of paint. When you need more than 21% get an O2 boost.

$1,000 I mean Im willing to do it, but this name seems really personal… You want me to be the donor now? Can I wait till I’m dead?

olde only works with ye in front of it – A Mineral rights claim can be huge. All the land owners in northern central Pa, have a heck of a lot more money now then they did 15 years ago. You can acutally sell land but keep the mineral rights and vice versa. Let me see your O face. This blog only goes to good places.  An awesome Vegan name. Sounds like a trail mix

$200 Krill oil is supposed to be the best fish oil with the most omega 3. Omega 3 has lots of benefits like, decreasing inflammation and swelling. This alone reduces the risk of all kinds of things. A lot of health problems are related to inflammation

$127 Family vacation time A marketing name to sell better pillows Try not to get crushed by monsters. Change your wife any way you want.

how would this work exactly? construction company   Bring the wrath


MastersCloud.comWhere all the masters float around. real estate maybe I love this one, survival, hunting, It’s a very common Phrase Get them active and playing something, instead or sitting in the house A good brand for any investment group.

investor advocacy group clap your hands and it’s organized. Call someone in Delaware.

$140 redundant or twice as fast? Avoid mistakes in your home by reading this blog, homes are big business. Nearly everyone has one. The School where all the students get injected.

$170 Like NamesCon but for healers. Post about how horrible your job is and get others to agree and comment. Like facebook but geared toward you and your job So many things to buy for a gym they built a superstore.

$112 Good physical trainer name

if it goes to a physical trainer, you will probably need to sell it cheap A cabin covered in moss. Do you want to play Global Thermal Nuclear War? What movie was that? I sold a solar name last year on Sedo, cant’ even remember what the name was. start a clean pee business, even if weed is legal everywhere certain jobs still wont allow you to use it. I’m pretty certain mine won’t. So sell me some clean pee and fake “get me clean” Support checks labeled For our kid, not your crack habit Like the battery rabbit The worst idea ever. Throw it out  Magic that’s not consistent.  Sawing the lady in half that works about 75% of the time. change the channel on your phone

$506 The virtual server that makes faces at you Easy incomes are nice indeed Like a Sherlock Holmes pipe Fresh produce straight from the farm. No one buy this name, I’m going to setup an email on it. I can only email people from this address until I lose 20 pounds. That’s my weight loss strategy. [email protected]

did you get it? Lots of these sites like spokeo.

Flippa/Sedo/Other     I can speak first hand, people spend a lot of money on garden gifts.  18 years old and no reserve

At $120 with 7 days left


I jacked up my sort so the first 8 are in the future but since I already did the work I’m going to leave them  Nice German   Not a lot of good money in this but a lot of good.  Unless you don’t like religion and then its just people traveling .   I think they would make just as much money selling signs that say “Protected by Alarm Specialists” as they would installing alarms.  Or sell big dogs   So much money here.  Your whole job is don’t screw it up   I hire these on Elance or whatever it’s called now, all the time.  URL would get them more sales,



$340, and   All these are 15 years or older  I like this one a lot.  If only

Now the names closing today     20 years old.   Color adds interest to a plain jane world   To store stuff or trying to keep your eyes up  The generic form of TrueCar,,,,   More really good letter  You have to start with these and then expand   Last time I checked several hundred million people still wear these.  Sell it to Luxotica  Arts  Another one that sounds like a new show on HGTV    Nice positive name.   I don’t really help enough,,,  and   One of these is over $1K.  I still like the others better   Predatory practice but valuable name    I see this more as a lawyer name than a catalog of crashes

Your LLLL.coms of The Day

NQNP.COM $1,575

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday














CGFI.ORG $811 – wow, someone really wanted this one









HUC.CC $362
XFX.US $12
QOB.TV $12
3UC.CC $17

Brandables $255 $12 – $115 $27 – $355 $58 $12

Some Numbers $500 $40 $50 $14,926 – look at that .net fly! $17 $12 $27 $130 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $105 $152 $87 – vr strikes again! $17

A few 5L City code, Pattern and Wang enders










Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and Now VR, $355, – $112

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