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Jun 08 2016


Maybe I notice it because its what I do, but it seems that Elliot from DomainInvesting has taken a liking to the nursery and plant industry.   Fertilizer, Compost, Lilac, Citronella.  Of course he is buying all sorts of other names so he’s not exclusively buying plant names.  I think that Lilac and Compost are stellar names but I had a chance to buy the others and passed on them for various reasons.  I understand that industry and the end users within the industry as well as anyone.   But often the end users have nothing to do with the green industry.   Most will be used to sell products that have nothing to do with the word.  Frank Schilling was the first to recognize plant and green industry names have value when he pretty much registered every name and plant that was available back in the day.  But it doesn’t take a plant expert to know that for hundreds of years millions of entities have been named after the plant world.  I don’t expect that to change and that’s why plant names will continue to grow in value in my opinion.  And yes, Elliot passed on Botany.com and was the one that let me know it was for sale.  I only get his rejects.      Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices

TWQ.com   Getting a fantastic price

Powerbolic.com   Sounds like something you’d buy at GNC

INERG.com   I can see someone using this as “Energy”  No bidders

SexualEnergy.com    Perfect name for that late night infomercial for the natural viagra

TheDn.com   It goes down in the DN

HFN.biz    Good LLL.biz are all worth $100 or more IMO   I think they work well for marketing on trucks and signs.  People remember biz

5525.biz   This one is doing well also

TheDopeman.com  There are going to be several in every city soon.  And legally

11XP.com   The repeating numbers are the names that sell

YN33.com    Just not for a lot of money some times

parkpornHealthRocket.com  You’ve heard me talk a lot about rocket names.  They’re memorable and it helps that Rocket Mortgage is advertising like crazy

599588.com    One of the better 6Ns to come up for auction in the last few weeks

CreditCircle.com    Not sure if you want to stay in it or out of it

MyBarbershop.com     I still go to the barber.  Not much to cut though











589566.com  A few non zero, non four 6Ns if anyone is still interested

Your LLLL.coms of The Day











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MastersDegree.net  No reserve.   Dot com sold for $48K

Menz.com  Sold for $10,500 back in February.  Up again

DebtU.com   Where most people graduate from.   Good school loan site name

Boycott.org   Lead a boycott.  At $5

Compliment.org   I guarantee they are more like to do the above than this one. I like the positivity here



PrescriptionPills.net   The internet is a perfect place to order them.   Everyone hates going to the doctor although that seems like a more logical person to decide that you need them.  Or used to

MyMessenger.com    private messaging is the only way kids communicate now

XL1.com    Nice short brand.   Americans can remember XL very easily

IHBM.com, TONB.com, IHBM.com, RGED.com, and GUCD.com   Some of the better LLLL.com today

ScrewDriver.net  Closes today.   Big enough for a dot net

BWBW.com  Based on previous sales these last two weeks I will sell between $5K and $7K

OutOfShape.com  Great name but will never hit reserve

HowHigh.com  Weed comparison site

92563.com and 15863.com   No fours or zeros.   People are still buying

DRZ.xyz   I like names that rhyme

A Private Portfolio Up for Auction at Namejet

CaliforniaRestaurants.com   A directory waiting to be built out

CarCompanies.com   Most of them are billion dollar companies

CCNSS.com  These used to sell for $250 plus

COZYB.COM  Worst street name ever

CustomBuiltHome.com    Everyone likes to feel like the own a one of a kind

CustomGokarts.com   Is a real industry.  Google it

DenverLaserSurgery.com  because Lasix is trademarked



FinalLap.com   One of my favorite on the list.  Good retirement name



LuxuryCarDealers.com   When you want to spend a little money on the worst investment you can make and yet you have enough money that it just doesn’t matter

MoreVacations.com  We all want to take more

MuscleCarShows.com  I’ve been to them and the cars are pretty people but I spend more time looking at the people

NeckFat.com   See above

Punishers.com  Very nice name for a team of the same name

SmartTelevisions.com  They all are now

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