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Before You Put on New Rims and A Kickin Stereo You Might Want to Make Sure It Has an Engine

This was a statement I sent to the guys at Epik this morning but it applies to everything you do in business.  We all get caught up in add ons.  We buy a house and can’t wait to finish the basement or add landscaping.  We buy a car and add nicer rims.  It’s human nature.  But while we are looking to add to the experience we forget to look at the core of what we are doing.

I am going to say it straight, mass produced sites suck and there is a reason why Google deindexes them.  But the sites don’t have to suck. The “get and send em” model can be a very lucrative model if properly done.  A method that some have figured out and some  haven’t.  Whether you do them in bulk or do them as stand alone,  you can make a money making site.

Another key to a successful site is the amount of time you put in.  You have to write original articles and add info for a site to have any value.  Content is what brings users.  To take a company like WhyPark and Epik’s mass produced site and to not help in its development is taking potential revenue out of your own pocket.  Epiks costs and splitting half revenue?  Well that’s a story for another day but it still doesn’t relieve you from duty of adding value to your own properties. It IS your site you know.

Another issue is the lack of reality that that all these are glorified parking plans.  A consumer is really not shopping at our sites.  It’s merely a directory of products scraped from the net based on keywords.  It’s a simple concept and easy to do so why would anyone expect to make good money on something that’s easy to do.  How many things make money with little effort? All I come up with is stealing and prostitution.

In short, you can put all the bells and whistles on your websites but you really need to make sure that the sites has a business model and your expectations are temepered to that business model.  Before you start putting in fancy graphics and spending all your time on layout, think to yourself, “How will this site make money and what is the best way to earn money given my time and financial constraints?”  Think in reality. Expect big things from big effort but don’t think you are going to make good money from a 10 man hour site.  As a matter of fact, count your man hours.  I would be curious to hear from people the man hours to revenue relationship.  I bet there is a correlation.

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3 Replies to “Before You Put on New Rims and A Kickin Stereo You Might Want to Make Sure It Has an Engine”

  1. Very good article Shane, well said. Like I said in my email to you earlier today, you keep it RAW and UNCUT in your blog posts, thats why I read every day. Your sense of humor is grreat as well.

    Its really an eye opener and a kick in the @ss to read articles like this. They push me even harder to get better at even small time development for my sites so that I can put the work/man hours in and reap the benefits.


  2. Shane,
    It really depends on your objectives. I have many thousands of domains at Epik and they are doing great. Sure, some of the domains bounce around a bit in the SERPs but in the grand scheme I’m receiving tens-of-thousands of uniques each month through organic placement that I wouldn’t have gotten if parked. Plus, I include Lead Gen forms on these sites so as to monetize them better (not to mention banners, ebooks and affiliate links). Not only that but I receive far more offers for my domains since many rank well, and hence demand a higher price.

    BTW: The current Epik blog features a couple of my sites. (

    Bottom line: It doesn’t beat pure development and maintenance but it sure beats parking!

  3. To date I have had the best results with wordpress, a few plugins and a bit of original content. Find a niche setup a deal with the supplier and send them leads or sell their product or service yourself. I have rolled through all of the “platforms” and honestly wordpress kills them.

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